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(Also posted at SEIU.org ) In the fight for the Employee ...
by thsisnotanexit
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Cross-posted at The Writing at the Wal . From the Wall Street ...
by JR Monsterfodder
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by daveUSA
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It was a beautiful, warm day in June. Clear blue sky, fresh air. I pulled my car into the parking lot of the hotel. Funny that we always have these meetings at hotels. Something seems sleazy about ...
by exotrip
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Perhaps the most simulataneously amusing and terrifying thing about the crazed 9/12 protests and the erstwhile ...
by thereisnospoon
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I keep seeing this argument and it blows my mind. Yes, it's early. No, people should not panic. He's made centrist and conservative (Gates) choices in appointments so far. It's not the end of ...
by TomP
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The debate over measures to fix America’s broken labor laws took a back seat during the long debate on health care. Now that the focus has shifted to efforts to stimulate economic growth and ...
by The Electrical Worker
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I'll be brief here, but we are passing up a great opportunity with respect to very good policy that gets clouded in debate, where the power of words instead of abbreviations can work wonders in ...
by clammyc
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The WaPo had an interesting article yesterday about our lost decade: There has been zero net job creation since December 1999 . No previous decade going back to ...
by TomP
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Recently, we've seen SEIU banner ads at the end of many DKos diaries concerning health care reform. I suspect that most people here assume that diarists either have been adding these, or agreed to ...
by flitedocnm
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The Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce has had enough: It's so fed up with the shameless politicking that's being done in its name that ...
by DavidSegal
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Hey everyone. My name is Tim Tagaris, Internet Director over at SEIU . Before this, I served in the same capacity for Chris Dodd's Presidential campaign, Ned ...
by ttagaris
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American Rights at Work yesterday announced a nationwide $3 million ad campaign in support of the Employee Free Choice Act bill . Here is one of the ads:
by TomP
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TAKE ACTION! Join the AFL-CIO's effort to pass the EFCA!
by CapitolDragoon
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Lynn Sweet from the Sun-Times brings us today's announcement from the transition team: Today ...
by Elise
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This is a crosspost ...
by Tula Connell
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The Austal Shipyard in Mobile, AL is owned by an Australian company that specializes in building commercial high speed vessels like the Hawaiian SuperFerry and the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) which ...
by PaulVA
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I kept C-SPAN on during lunch and watched the cloture vote on the Employee Free Choice Act. It seems as though we've lost this battle for now, albeit it's a battle we can't currently win. The vote ...
by circlesnshadows
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I don't normally watch the Sunday talk shows, they just end up being so damn insulting to my intelligence. But for some odd reason I started watching it this morning and no, I wasn't disappointed, ...
by Bendygirl
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This is a pretty amazing story. David Berman is the lead singer of a rock outfit called Silver Jew. I can't say I've heard much of them until now, but they've been on the fringes of fame for close ...
by dday
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