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I have been working for almost four years on an ambulance. Even before that, I volunteered doing the same sort of work. In all the years I have worked in emergency services, I can count one one hand ...
by RadicalParrot
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Another one gone last night, another young life lost to guns. It started just as I was pulling into our area trauma center with a probable concussion. Came out over the radio. DISPATCH: Priority 1 ...
by RadicalParrot
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Professional fire fighters are unionized public servants. The budgets their departments operate on are paid through our taxes. Their generous salaries are provided by the tax payers and land owners ...
by RadicalParrot
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Please ignore any misspelled words, part of personal therapy is using affected side while on familiar keyboard. I was lucky. My day started as usual on December 15th. About 10:30 a.m. I had a ...
by Hippichick45
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Obviously, it is not possible to touch every item that this vast subject holds, and I depend on readers to open up more frontiers. We barely scratched the surface about microwaves, but have to move ...
by Translator
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Mornings have always been magical times for me. When out in the woods, mornings are the times when Branfionn and the fairies come out, greeting the new day, as they then fade back into the mushroom ...
by nicolemaschke
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I read the news today... so much killing...so many negative thoughts...and the police are hurting... citizens are hurting... Well, I have something to say about that... something that I think may ...
by nicolemaschke
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Eleven years ago today, 43 Paramedics and EMT’s were killed in the line of duty in the 9-11 attacks. Hundreds more EMS personnel responded, from around the nation, to the crisis sites in all three ...
by Captain Frogbert
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We've all got our laundry lists of collapsing physical infrastructure that ought to be repaired or replaced through the spending of the Stimulus Trillions. (And it will be trillions eventually,
by UntimelyRippd
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Sometimes, a night at work on the ambulance is just too interesting not to tell somebody about. That's not always a good thing: sometimes it really really sucks, and I wouldn't make a diary about ...
by RadicalParrot
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I just came across this posting on craigslist for Boise,Idaho, under medical/health jobs. I was searching for a job for myself when I came upon this posting and I thought I would share it with the ...
by gldtkn77gary
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