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No, you did not read that incorrectly. The same health insurance executive who sips fine Italian wine in his mountainside hot tub said last week that big-profit health insurance is dying : It’s ...
by james321
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This is just absolute malarkey from Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini: Aetna Inc. Chief Executive Mark Bertolini, who is among a dozen chief executives meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama later this ...
by james321
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You probably know that AARP was hugely influential in championing the horrific and corruption-laden Medicare D prescription drug benefit. AARP is a brand in America. A brand is how a ...
by nyceve
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It is heartening to read that Wendell Potter agrees with Rick Ungar and other commentators that the death of big-profit health insurance is near at hand : Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini caused quite a ...
by james321
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Aetna's CEO, Mark Bertolini, is a man who feels entitled. His team lost the election, but he;s not going to let the votes of a lot of "little people" get in the way of demanding the Federal ...
by Steven D
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Thanks to JoeDemocrat for pointing me to this article in the Huffington Post by our friend, great American, and fellow Kossack Wendell Potter, How Obama and the Democrats Got Played by the ...
by nyceve
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The other day, the New York Times did a fine job of describing what happens when all you can afford, is bare bones junk ...
by nyceve
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In case anyone thought that Aetna was some sort of saint when it paid PoopStrong's bills following a massive Twitter campaign -- after mocking him for not reading his policy like an auto insurance ...
by james321
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I've received several emails asking me to describe the workings of the for-profit insurance industry. You start on Wall Street . The beginning, the middle and the end is about ...
by nyceve
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The next time you think about saving a young woman from a burning car, think twice: your big-profit health insurance carrier might deny your claim and leave you with hundreds of thousands of dollars ...
by james321
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I just got turned down for health insurance by Aetna through AARP; they claim I am too risky to insure. I last saw a doctor two years ago after I got H1N1. There were no complications. I've had ...
by wiseacre
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If Eve's heartbreaking diary ...
by james321
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[Update-I read a couple of comments and thought of a more appropriate title.] jancw is confused. Please read her excellent diary. I don't want her, ...
by nyceve
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At present, I have a fever of 102 degrees, no appetite, aches and pains, and a wicked headache. I'm writing this diary, though, because the truth needs to be told. Socialist medicine is good , fast ...
by james321
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by nyceve
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This Telegraph article contains the most graphic image I have yet to encounter of the appalling, immoral and unethical state of affairs in the American non-system of 'health care.' ...
by james321
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Yesterday, I posted part of a talk given by health ...
by DrSteveB
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Those were the words I heard when I answered my cell phone this afternoon. My mom had called to give me an update on her uncle. Unfortunately, his health went downhill very quickly. After ...
by frustrated1
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by Hlinko
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Most Americans know that Canadians, Scandinavians, Cubans, Costa Ricans, Germans, Italians, Greeks (depressed yet?) and Aussies are living ...
by james321
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