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I've had it. Absolutely had it. I've had it with McCain, and I've had it with the Democrats' fighting among themselves. I've had it with Kossacks fighting among our selves. Last night I went ...
by OrangeClouds115
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The White House is acting immediately to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act. After a 30 day period for "public comment," a new policy will be put in place: government officials will no longer ...
by LithiumCola
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by melvin
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While the Bush administration is ...
by Magnifico
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Howls of joy for wolves! Judge Donald Molloy in Montana has ordered that the Northern Rocky Mountain gray ...
by RLMiller
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The wolf Bill Addeo shot in Wyoming, displayed for all to see. Mike Koshmrl of the Jackson Hole News & Guide [reportshttp://www.jhnewsandguide.com/print.php?art_id=10399&pid=news] Bill Addeo ...
by Meteor Blades
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by jalefkowit
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credit: Animal Welfare Institute In the New York Times this morning an article Wolf Haters cites that in Idaho two recent frightening developments have been made ...
by Agathena
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The only benefit to Sen. Feinstein's new measure to ...
by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
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I am ill. I donated, fought for, and voted for Obama because I thought he could repeal all the stupid pigheaded wrong decisions of the Bush Administration, most especially on global warming. Now ...
by indigoblueskies
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by Naturegal
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by melvin
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by environmentalist
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by melvin
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by Elise
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There's been a lot going on this week, and most of us have probably been paying a lot of attention to the GOP's frankly immoral quest to prevent people from having access to food or health insurance.
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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by Elise
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I'd learned to set my pack on something when resting, a rock or downed tree, it was just too heavy to lift up and slip an arm through the straps. All morning I'd been doing the same thing. Hike ...
by ban nock
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This is another quickie diary, but the AP is reporting that the Department of ...
by gloryous1
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by Land of Enchantment
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