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This is my first diary and I hope to flesh it out when the text of his remarks in his townhall in Berea, Ohio becomes available. I was just watching his townhall in Berea where his introductory ...
by ruff4life
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Seriously, the criticism is almost pathetic, it's so predictable. I could have written this diary for ...
by TheBlaz
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Why has the gas tax pander set me off ...
by kid oakland
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by Jerome a Paris
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Contrary to the advertisement banner at the top of the frontpage, Iran is not threatening the US. The Iranian military isn't actively killing American soldiers. The Bush ...
by primarydoc
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by Jerome a Paris
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It is not simply a matter of stagecraft. The mass adulation Barack Obama's international tour has received, Frank Rich argues in this week's column, is a matter of the power Illinois's junior ...
by Nuisance Industry
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A great comment by Disputo over at Kevin Drum's blog (in a discussion about the fact that supply-side ...
by Jerome a Paris
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After last week's terrible press of a campaign intent on tearing Senator Obama ...
by Muzikal203
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So -- what's behind oil's latest price spike? And the general price spike that's been happening for the last year and a half? There are a ton of contributing reasons, but one stands out as the ...
by bonddad
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Which Presidential Candidate has pledged to commit $150 billion dollars and 10 years of effort to bring clean energy to the United States? Which candidate has the ability to help bring enough ...
by kath25
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There's this ad that's been running for many weeks now, that makes me cringe every time I see it. It must be the image of the Chalkboard, and the speechless professor ...
by jamess
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by johnnygunn
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by Jerome a Paris
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For the second day in a row, a major news publication prints an important article on peak oil. After the Independent's strongly ...
by Jerome a Paris
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DALLAS — As the U.S. Gulf Coast battled a massive oil spill, former President ...
by Jerome a Paris
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John McCain spent part of this last Friday at the Aspen Institute speaking about energy issues, including a meeting with T. Boone Pickens. From ...
by A Siegel
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For the fourth consecutive year, the US set records in 2008 for the construction of new wind farms, with more than 8,300MW installed in the year, making the country the leader for both yearly ...
by Jerome a Paris
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important note : "liberal" is used here in the European meaning, i.e. pro-free trade and pro-deregulation I am pleased to inform you that the Financial Times is publishing, in its ...
by Jerome a Paris
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by Jerome a Paris
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