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I opened up my business in June of 2001. We service heavy equipment and do most of our work at customers' locations. I bought our first truck, a six-year-old Chevy pickup, for $8600. Gasoline was $
by Prime Cuts
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This is an open letter to peddlers of disinformation regarding what ending irresponsible tax cuts truly mean. If you are interested in the perspective of a successful entrepreneur in (hopefully) ...
by bluedogsd
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As a progressive, I continue to be frustrated with the ideological split in our country's governing bodies that seems to be preventing them from addressing key issues that will help us move forward ...
by leftyparent
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During last night's debate, when asked whom he would pick as Treasury secretary, John McCain said he might consider Meg Whitman and said she had turned eBay into a livelihood for 1.3 million people ...
by subir
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Sorry for being gone for so long - life has been busy.
by FerrisValyn
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http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/29/chanda-zaveri_n_2575934.html?utm_hp_ref=good-news Wow - is this inspiring or what? "I had no money, just a pair of diamond earrings," said Zaveri, whose ...
by dov12348
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President Obama spoke at The Business Roundtable, last week. And from the reaction, it seems like that most Business Leaders are on-board with Obama's goals of investing in the Future:
by jamess
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Many of you no doubt saw earlier diaries ( example ) quoting Rick Davis, John McCain's campaign manager , trying to immaturely ...
by el cid
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My trip to Barcelona, Part II As I mentioned earlier I got to tag along to Barcelona, Spain with ...
by The Big E
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Buried in the pages of various laws enacted as a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are the provisions for a program that, if used effectively, could prove be a boon to ...
by Steve Colby
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A friend of mine, a local (Frederick, MD) entrepreneur and Democratic activist, runs a startup company called In Pictures . They just launched their new website, ...
by Buzzer
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Hello everyone. The other day I wrote a diary about my first job in a year, a diary which surprisingly rocketed to the ...
by Da Dawei
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Is Progressive talk radio dead? No, but close. Initial Phase: During the Bush years and leading up to the 2004 Election Progressives finally began to understand that we didn’t have nearly the ...
by jamatucci1
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What do you get when you open your mailbox? I mail letters my sister three times per month, simply because she enjoys getting mail. She is too busy to write back, but we are very close and talk ...
by mdmc
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With the downturn comes opportunity. Many people start their own businesses. Hewlitt Packard, for example, was launched in a garage in Palo Alto in 1939 by two former GE engineers. Here are ...
by John Minehan
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Background: •Poor immigrant arrived to the U.S. at age seven in 1987. •Educated in the Oakland Public Schools from Bella Vista to Oakland High, Class of 1998. •Graduated from the University ...
by PeterYLiu
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Like getting into a bleeding competition with a blood bank. Richard ...
by airmechldr
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Begin by Defining Outcomes, Outputs and Inputs Innovation is the buzz word du jour. Each year, vast piles of PowerPoint handouts are distributed to cultivate and fertilize innovation -- many ...
by StevenStrauss
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Meet Ann Wangui , a shopkeeper from the Rift Valley city of Nakuru, Kenya. Her second-hand suit business enjoys healthy margins thanks to low operating costs and high demand. From her kiosk at the ...
by avillec
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To my shock, I learned recently that the Paul Ryan plan for Social Security includes scrapping the entire system (basically), BUT ALSO giving every retiree a monthly sum -- the same sum for everyone.
by IdeaTipper
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