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UPDATE: New Photos & Lastest Developments Including First Injured Bird BILL MAHER TODAY VIA TWITTER: "Every asshole who ever chanted 'Drill Baby Drill' should ...
by hissyspit
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so claims Derrick Jackson in today's Boston Globe . It is not the first time he he has written about the scam, nor is it the first time I have dedicated a Daily Kos diary to one of his op eds.
by teacherken
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My dad, raised in the Depression among parsimonious New England folk, was an early adopter of energy conservation. Hardly a day would pass in autumn, winter, or spring without him remarking "Close ...
by cassandracarolina
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Joe Romm of Think Progress reports A New Wind Turbine Generates Back The Energy It Takes To Build It In Just 6 Months, based on a study just published by The European Photovoltaic Industry ...
by HoundDog
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Released emails have exposed BP's attempts to control research into the environmental impact of the ...
by The Anomaly
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Cross-posted at WV ...
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An ...
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And this is why I've got President Obama's back. I knew he would come out swinging second term. bloomberg--Obama Will Use Nixon-Era Law to Fight Climate Change President Barack Obama is preparing ...
by cordgrass
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Pacific Northwest residents have a last chance to stop the U.S. Navy from expanding deadly weapons and sonar operations off the California, Oregon, and Washington coasts. After widespread and ...
by Carol Van Strum
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In this installment of the series, I decided to follow up on the recommendations I received from at least five different people over the last few months to feature the EPA’...
by scharrison
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Scientists found 10 million gallons of oil; the size of Rhode Island in area, ...
by rebel ga
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In case you didn't know about this: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-honolulu-molasses-20130914,0,3053812....
by poopdogcomedy
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The U.S. Navy two years ago persuaded legislators, the media, NOAA, and even environmental groups who should know better that Navy war games and testing of unidentified weapons, drone aircraft, sonar,
by Carol Van Strum
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I've done a number of diaries on zero waste here. I'm certainly not the queen of zero waste, that would be Bea Johnson, nor the queen of sustainability, some Kossacks here go far beyond my small ...
by cordgrass
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The environmental cause could use a snappy put-down directed against the oil addicts. "Spill Baby Spill" is the answer. In the age of 15 minute fame and the snappy 10 second sound-bite something ...
by SON2007
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My wife and I would like to go down and help with the clean up as the aftermath of all of this begins to take shape. I've looked around the internet and as of now I haven't seen anything. I know ...
by GOPLieRepellent
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