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In nearly four decades since the Clean Water Act was passed, the Environmental Protection Agency has never vetoed any mining permit retroactively. That changed this morning. Word ...
by dotcommodity
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I can't begin to tell you how angry I am following this past weeks events. I will begin by telling those that don't know that I have six rescue cats. One is a Momma cat that we found emaciated and ...
by Kristina40
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Actually, a big stinkin' toxic waste incinerator... I've written on this before but I feel that it needs more attention that it received because of the upcoming Ohio Primary. Short and sweet this ...
by Zwoof
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . Last October, I wrote about freshman Senator Amy ...
by Eclectablog
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Americans shouldn't have to applaud when their government does something right. Americans should expect that kind of competence from their government. Needed changes in chemical safety have been ...
by Lefty Coaster
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by MissInformation
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Go tell it on the mountain! Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finally put an end to the saga of the infamous Spruce Mine, jamming a stake in the heart of what would have been the ...
by rperks
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This morning, as roughly 160 dedicated and knowledgeable Americans put their freedom at risk to call attention to the horrific risks created by Tar Sands ...
by A Siegel
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This post co-written by Mary Anne Hitt, Deputy Director of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign Very big news out of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this morning – the ...
by Bruce Nilles
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One easy way to see what the US government is doing to coordinate its response to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill is by looking at the Joint ...
by Benintn
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For the first time, scientists are coming up with an explanation of the huge discrepancies in observed phenomenon related to the BP / Transocean / Halliburton oil disaster. The last previously ...
by YucatanMan
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Crossposted at Seesdifferent: the blog In as cynical a move as the Bushies have ever made, they have not only closed the EPA libraries, they have ...
by seesdifferent
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Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer, Sheldon Whitehouse, Amy Klobuchar, and Frank Lautenberg today called for the resignation of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen L.
by TomP
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Please rec the BP Catastrophe Liveblog Mothership: 70 The headlines are piling up and the ...
by Ellinorianne
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Yesterday we got the news that Obama's EPA would block a coal plant. Just breaking from ...
by Populista
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Today, the Obama administration took a step that will result in significant savings at the pump for American families, reduce life-threatening carbon pollution, and provide Americans with better and ...
by Ann Mesnikoff
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Here's a Town, that said "Hell No, to the Crude" -- NOT on their Watch! Magnolia Springs, Alabama, Weeks Bay. Updated: Tuesday, June 8, ...
by jamess
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Severe crop damage to GMO Monsanto BT corn from rootworms which have developed resistance to BT has prompted the ...
by FishOutofWater
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EPA Secretary Lisa Jackson issued clear guidelines today: EPA Issues ...
by ezdidit
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Meteor Blades wrote about it today. Please read that first. But this is a meme I've been ...
by webranding
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