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"The RedState contact email is now getting one anti-GOP email for every one anti-Democrat email. That has never happened before." Erick Erickson's latest Redstate missive makes his feelings on ...
by Save the clock tower
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There they go again. They just can't stand the thought of a Democratic woman running their crown jewel, Texas. And they have gone off the rails in spectacular fashion (the ugly details below). ...
by JLFinch
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In his current posting on Redstate Erick has a fear because: Evangelicals have, over the past few decades, gotten involved in the rough and tumble world of politics sometimes too politically and ...
by FisherOfRolando
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Okay, so I'm reading this screed by Erick Erickson frighteningly entitled "I Have Seen Shameful Things" rightfully expecting ruminations on his bathroom mirrors' reflection or perhaps travel notes ...
by Reinvented Daddy
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Recently, Erick Erickson has been discussing what the problem was with the Romney campaign and why Republicans lost so bad. He has laid the blame at overpaid consultants and crappy messaging, but ...
by Prezshap
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This isn't actually new. I signed up for a RedState account, back in the dark days of the Bush administration, so I get occasional mails from various Republican politicians and such. It doesn't, well,
by mjfgates
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UPDATE: All quotes below are derived from actual quotes made by right-wingers during the snow storms in DC in February. Record highs for early April in our nations capital yesterday and hot ...
by The Clevelander
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Way back in October of 2007, I joined Redstate in an attempt to engage in some type of debate with Republicans. Well, after waiting the 24 hour period before I could post (seriously?), I was banned ...
by bobcatgrad
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