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Right now we have two candidates in the middle of campaigning. They can't pay attention to the Republican opponent just yet. Someone needs to step in and fill the breach in the light of this ...
by dday
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There's been a lot of excitement on DailyKos about the Obama movement, coupled with some detractors out there saying Obama is all style and no substance. My response to that is to look at ethics ...
by beachmom
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Tradition in the House of Representatives is to open the House in early January and then quickly adjourn after swearing in its new members. The House then would stay closed until after the State of ...
by Oreo
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I haven't read many diaries around here about the Congressional ethics reform bill that recently passed. But after reading [articles like this one from Saturday's NYT's http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/
by John Campanelli
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Americans had a hard time finding out where their hard-earned tax dollars went. Until 2 days ago. Now, thanks to USAspending.gov , a site created by ...
by barath
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During this Iowa Caucus process, a lot of us have fallen into a media/blog narrative that Edwards is the fighter and Obama is the consensus builder (or spun negatively, Edwards is all about warfare ...
by VirginiaDem
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photo courtesy of SEIU International on Flickr used ...
by Populista
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It's hard to believe, but the Democratic bait-and-switch on progressives has already begun over a month before our Majority congress takes office. Fresh on the heels of her famous promise to make ...
by thereisnospoon
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I've posted a substantially revised version of this diary here Today witnessed the launch ...
by barath
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by wmtriallawyer
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Americans had a hard time finding out where their hard-earned tax dollars went. Until December 2007. Now we can track contracts, grants, earmarks, and loans, thanks ...
by barath
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by ltsply2
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This was published on Think Progress a few minutes ago. Importantly, it passed 83-14, which means it's a vetoproof ...
by Samer
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In the beginning, there was kos. Kos created his blog. And he beheld it, and said that it was good. But eventually kos needed a vacation - and since the blogosphere knows no sabbath, or at any rate ...
by scardanelli
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Just listened to Tucker Bounds on MSNBC. I think I've figured out why it seems like the Republicans are always lying: They don't know the meaning of ordinary English words.
by NWTerriD
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The votes haven't yet been posted on the Senate website in regard to the cloture vote on the Senate Ethics Reform bill, however, one could guess that the GOP is trying one last inglorious effort to ...
by greatbasin2
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by Chris Bell
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Remember this one? McCain wanted Obama to join his own separate group, which was ...
by FenderT206
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Call it a redemption of faith, call it a confirmation of belief, but regardless of the caption, Obama's promise of change has gained substance. Change was the keystone of the Obama ...
by Nospinicus
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A report on peak oil that said it may ...
by Professor Smartass
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