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I'm heading to D.C. today. I've been invited to discuss the current state of the economy with some pretty big names, and I'd like to invite you to watch . . . On Tuesday, March 27 you can ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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If you're in the great state of Washington tomorrow, please join Markos (and me) to talk about what it's going to take to end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops and the $100 billion per ...
by Darcy Burner
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This post will be long, but what I am about to ask of you will greatly help women all over the United States. I will tell you about the Crisis Pregnancy Centers and their tactics.
by sasharusa
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Over the last few weeks you've seen Neeta and others give you the rundown on DailyKos Kansas City Connect meetng, April 25. Here is the rundown that should make many Kossacks jump at the ...
by Chris Reeves
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Obama, Clinton to hold their first joint campaign event shortly in Unity, New Hampshire.
by GlowNZ
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Forgive me, it's my first time. Doesn't everyone say that? As my diary headline states, I want to talk about something that happened to me 10 years ago today. Something wonderful, ...
by TrapperSF
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by VolvoDrivingLiberal
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by VolvoDrivingLiberal
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There's been a huge amount of media attention given to the new unauthorized biography of Tom Mapother Cruise as the author embarks on a publicity tour. Oddly enough, the same day the book was ...
by xenubarb
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Crossposted from PolluterWatch Yesterday at a well-attended energy forum hosted by Politico, I shed some light on the role of coal lobbyist Jeffrey Holmstead in blocking pollution reductions for ...
by cgibosn
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Six months ago, I walked into City Hall with my family and announced my exploratory campaign for Mayor of San Francisco. 

Today, I'm making my campaign for Mayor of San Francisco official.
by Leland Yee
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This isn't a diary, but I'm leaving to go to the Rally @ the Capitol in Madison. There is a Free event on Saturday night 3/12/11 in Madison, WI that I want you to attend.
by Sand Hill Crane
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" The American Constitution guarantees the American people pretty much anything that they want. If I have a disappointment it is that they really don't seem to want much of anything ...
by cruz
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by VolvoDrivingLiberal
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My wife and I have been deluged with opportunities to volunteer for the Obama/Biden campaign in western Pennsylvania. They are doing an excellent job getting people engaged, which is really ...
by Glen Franklin
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by VolvoDrivingLiberal
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So I had a curt "difference of opinion" with a primary organizer of the "Cincinnati Tea Party", Brian Willis , whom I ...
by cokane
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Tonight the Detroit Light Brigade and DCATS (Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands) will be holding a candlelight vigil at the old train station in ...
by Fuzzytek
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My wife and I just got our tickets to see President Obama speak in Milwaukee. We got to the line about half an hour before they were going to start handing out tickets and it was already three ...
by Adam AZ
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Some time ago, I wrote a Diary Entry about the disturbing discovery that all of the so-called "Cincinnati Tea Party" organizers are actually from various suburbs around the city. In fact, some don't ...
by cokane
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