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Extraordinary, world changing events are unfolding across northern Africa and the Mid-East. People are dying as they struggle to reclaim dignity and a measure of personal and economic freedom from ...
by Granny Doc
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Maybe you forgot Ryan White, or AIDS in Africa, We Are The World, or Heal The World. Well I HAVE NOT. So all you posting "just another Anna Nicole", or "whatever", or some of the more nasty ...
by silentreader
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RULES OF THE ROAD: Join the discussion about the protests in the current Child Diary HERE.
by Tahrir
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by meowmissy
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Bloggers broke an unprecedented legal attempt to stop the Guardian from reporting on British Parliament's discussion of a case where the oil trading firm Trafigura intentionally dumped highly toxic ...
by FishOutofWater
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I want to tell you about Roger, my friend, who died today. Roger was born during the Depression, and grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. He became an insurance guy, helped people with ...
by calibrit
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I don't know how to start this diary. For the last few weeks I have been exploring Darfur in Google Earth. This is what I have been looking at:
by kosblt
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I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it. Mark ...
by winslow2036
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BRAVO EGYPT! We are all so proud of the Egyptian pro-democracy protesters and what they accomplished through peaceful demonstration. Surely there is more work ahead, ...
by Tahrir
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Leo Igwe should be an inspiration to us all. He is a Nigerian Humanist who stands up to religious extremism (both Muslim and Christian) and tries to protect children from religious-inspired child ...
by mole333
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I defy you to listen to this NPR report from Weekend All Things Considered and not lose your lunch. It describes the ...
by dday
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My nightmares are becoming realities. I am a biologist (semi-retired) with training in virology. My Ph.D. thesis concerned a retrovirus (Moloney murine leukemia virus) with a lot of similarities ...
by MadScientist
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The stories always make their way around, this time of year. Needles in chocolate bars. Razor blades in apples. Poison. Tainted candy . The stories are spread by parents, by church leaders,
by Jaxpagan
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Last week, several dozen heroic Oklahoma college students showed us what it means to be ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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Zimbabwe is in a condition of complete collapse. Cholera is spreading because the government is out of money to pay for water purification. Over 500 people have died. Troops went on a rampage in ...
by FishOutofWater
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by Mark Sumner
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UPDATE: Looks like I missed a big bit of information. The AU troops have been given leave to stick around for another 6 months, howEVER - they need funding and help. There's a push on to get ...
by Alegre
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and one of them is slavery, in any form. As I was growing up I tried to understand how people could be so cruel as to kidnap people and bring them over the ocean in terrible conditions only to treat ...
by Muzikal203
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If what we've seen so far is any indication, the 21st century may well mark the emergence of the Corporate Armies. More and more, corporations are involved in all phases of warfare including ...
by BentLiberal
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Uganda is expected to soon legislate the death penalty for gays...and even if you are not gay, just saying “gay marriage is okay,” can get you life in prison. Know a gay person and fail ...
by daulton
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