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For those of you interested in this issue, don't forget to read and rec the mothership , a ...
by david mizner
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( This diary is a followup to the "Leaving America" series ) It can't have been three weeks already. Útlegð . Exile. Everything about my current situation should objectively seem like they're ...
by Rei
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Last week the GOP attacked Obama for the idea of talking to our enemies. But stop for a minute and think about what could have happened if we had talked to Saddam Hussein. What would have happened?
by Headd
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In 1992, then-Lieutenant Colonel Charles J. Dunlap Jr., writing in the Army War College’s official periodical Parameters, published a cautionary tale ...
by Califlander
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As so often when I'm gearing up for a somewhat lengthy trip abroad, the mundane practical preparations (yikes, where IS my passport?) are interspersed with thoughts of what I'm looking forward to ...
by angry marmot
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Mention Salman Rushdie, and everyone’s mind immediately goes to the infamous fatwa and the impenetrability of The Satanic Verses , the novel that caused so much furor back in 1988. That’...
by DrLori
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Glen Greenwald and Laura Poitras are supposed to attend the Polk Awards ceremony today in NYC. As most here know, there has been much concern as to what would happen to these two if and when they ...
by Publius2008
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Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a middle aged American, who decided to get all of his midlife crises out of the way in one shot. My marriage failed, my money almost gone, my job lost. Faced ...
by Catalyst65
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So we've all heard the news of George W. Bush buying some land down in Paraguay for his future life in exile. Here's another piece to the emerging puzzle of how the Bush Crime Family plans to skip ...
by chicoTowner
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There are two destinations in the US that are considered the equivalent of being sent to Siberia- one is Anchorage, Alaska, and the other is Bangor, Maine. With apologies to residents of both, I am ...
by Aura
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The Miguel Angel Asturias Academy is a non-profit school in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala that breaks cycles of poverty, racism and sexism through ...
by bristol
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The east is awash in Irene and earthquakes, and commentators everywhere are noticing how utterly shook up the world order also seems to be. Here'...
by arlenegoldbard
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The Possibilities of Exile We all like to belong. We humans have lived in little belonging groups for many thousands of years now, and knowing who is "us" and who is "not us", or, shall we say, ...
by jo podvin
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Given how BushCo has trampled on the Constitution with nary a thought (while Democrats dithered), it might be said that our nation's founding document is "in exile" until sane leadership reclaims ...
by RobLewis
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by redwisconsin
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