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by clammyc
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You know what I'm talking about. The claim that a bunch of liberals were so pissed off at Obama that they stayed home and this caused the 2010 rout. It's pervasive. I won't link to examples ...
by Scientician
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The Final National Exit Poll (NEP) is the [http://www.geocities.com/electionmodel/TruthIsAllFAQResponse.htm#SmokingGun smoking gun] of 2004 election fraud. The 2004 NEP had Kerry winning by a ...
by Stardust
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Back in April 2009, Daily Show host Jon Stewart summed up the Tea Party movement, "I think you might be ...
by Jon Perr
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The strong swing of Cuban-American voters to President Obama and Democrats was one of the most interesting and probably one of the most significant shifts in voting patterns in 2012. For Republicans,
by MattTX
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by LondonYank
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by Febble
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by trifecta
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Sometimes good candidates lose. Why did ...
by Armando
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So you've been e-mailed a set of exit polls that look GREAT for your candidate and you can't wait to copy, paste and post, because what could be better to you and your fellow 'ites or 'istas or '...
by JeffLieber
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Texas, with over 25 million residents, will not have an exit poll next month. As the curator of the Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap, one trend in the 2012 electoral cycle that has not escaped my ...
by Steve Singiser
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Do people get more conservative as they age? Some people answer this question with a resounding 'Yes!' Fortunately, we have 40 years worth of Presidential exit polls to use to try to poke around ...
by Daniel Donner
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They've called it for Hillary. With just over half the tally in. You know the drill. 3:51 P.M. EST With 50.04% of precincts reporting Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.09%
by GirlZero
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Yes, it is true that African American women went for Prop 8 three - one, but they were only 6% of the electorate. The claim that every other group but AA's voted against it is total and complete ...
by ThatPoshGirl
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I will be posting all of the polls along with the sources here as I get them.
by beholderseye
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Several recent diaries have all suggested, in one form or another, that there's something wrong with kids today. Irishwitch's is the best ...
by eugene
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That is one question explored by Nate Silver in this post , which starts by exploring new polling data out of AZ that shows Obama marginally ahead. In the post, Nate explains why he thinks that is ...
by teacherken
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Although I respect TomP's analysis of Ron Brownstein's ...
by thematt523
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As everyone knows by now, Dan Rather, who has the highest recognizability and highest positive rating of any anchor in the US and who was dropped like a hot potato by CBS after the authenticity of a ...
by McCamy Taylor
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Washington Post has this story up on exit polls. Some highlights. Party - nearly 4 in 10 self-identif as Dems while only 3 in 10 as Repubs. In 2009 Repubs beat Dems 37-33 while 2012 Dems led 39-
by teacherken
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