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by L C Johnson
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I have been thinking - and writing - a lot recently about the nature of love, of caring, of concern. And on this, the final Brothers and Sisters for 2009, I would like to continue that exploration.
by brothers and sisters at dailykos
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It all happened before. A ship sailing to Palestine. Its organizers care not so much about the ship's arrival. They want to bring world attention to the injustices in Palestine. Live broadcasts ...
by Assaf
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(Cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) “You’re a preacher’s kid, maybe you can answer this,” my high school art teacher said; “Why does Moses have horns?” “...
by quarkstomper
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Torah reading: Exodus 13:17 to 17:16. Haftarah reading: Judges 4:4 to end of chapter 5. I volunteered for D'var Torah this week since I’ve always been quite a feminist -- or, as I prefer to put ...
by Eowyn9
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This is part of a Wednesday series on Goddess spirituality and political activism. I have a weird, morbid fascination with the “ex-gay” movement. I’ve never had the slightest ...
by Tara the Antisocial Social Worker
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Last week I was out walking around the Back Bay-South End area of Boston and I passed one of my favorite people watching venues, ...
by GLBT and Friends at Daily Kos
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Numerous news sources are reporting that ISIS leaders in the new Islamic State, have ordered Christians in the city of Mosul to either convert to Islam, pay a protection fee (known as a jiziya), or ...
by Hey338Too
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Just finished reading the second chapter of Karen Armstrong's new book, The Case for God . This chapter looks at the historical development of the first five books of the Bible (...
by leftyparent
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Special Note: Please pray for the safety and healing of our brothers and sisters in Haiti and give mightily the relief fund of your choice. Mine is ...
by mg3ca
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D’var Torah: Tetsaveh Torah reading: Exodus 27:20 to 30:10. Haftarah: Ezekiel 43: 10-27. When I was a young child -- maybe 7 or 8 years old -- I set out to read the entire (Christian) Bible, from ...
by Eowyn9
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The Torah reading this week is from Exodus, and begins with God telling Moses that the Israelites have made the golden calf, and that Moses had better get down and deal with ...
by ramara
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These bitter greens that we eat: for what reason? Because the Egyptians embittered the lives our ancestors in Egypt, as it is said (Exodus 1:14): "They made their lives bitter with hard labor, with ...
by Batya the Toon
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What I read last month. This month, my middle Ages-centered reading continues with a history of the early middle ages by Chris Wickham, works by Augustine, Ptolemy and Boethius, and two more ...
by AdmiralNaismith
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This series is being posted before the first seder, which occurs this year on the evening of April 18. The Seder is the ceremonial meal marking the beginning of Passover, or Pesach. Passover is ...
by ramara
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Mishpatim: Torah portion: Exodus 21:1-24:18 Haftarah: Jeremiah 34:8-22, 33:25-26 Over the last few portions of the Torah, we see a grand script worthy of epic movies (in fact, it has been the ...
by A DC Wonk
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The holiday of Passover is full of imagery of redemption and freedom. We talk about the idea of going "me'avdut l'cherut" (from slavery to freedom) and "mi'geulah li'geulah" (from redemption to ...
by JLan
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Torah Readings: Regular reading Exodus 30:11 to end of chapter 34. Second special Torah reading: Numbers 19: 1-22 (purification for Passover in Temple days) Special Haftarah: Ezekiel 36: 16-38 ...
by Eowyn9
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Passover, or Pesach, begins on the 15th of the month of Nissan. It celebrates the Exodus and the inception of Hebraism, the creation of the Jewish People. (The so-called "Jewish" New Year, which ...
by bluebird of happiness
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There is a story: When God decided to redeem the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, he knew he would need a leader who was Israelite but who was never a slave. He thought about it, and decided he ...
by ramara
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