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Cross-posted at Facing South -- your source for news, politics and trends in the South THANKS FOR REC'ING! Virginia has ...
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[ Promoted by DHinMI: Robocalls in North Carolina are confusing voters and have the appearance of voter suppression. It turns out the source of the calls is a Democratic-leaning non-profit. The ...
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UPDATE: Please see the important update at the bottom! UPDATE II: I've asked Adam B for the chance to respond to the answers Sarah Johnson of Women's Voices gave to his front-page ...
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By Chris Kromm Cross-posted at Facing South Last week,
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The following is the latest installment in the ongoing controversy surrounding Women's Voices Women Vote, first surfaced ...
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(This story was originally posted at Facing South , the online magazine of the ...
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The following is an update on where our investigation into illegal and deceptive election practices and Women's Voices Women Vote stands. A special thank you to the DailyKos community for paying ...
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Also posted at Facing South , a New Voice for a Changing South How fast things can change. Just two days ago, Tea Party favorite Rand Paul was ...
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By Chris Kromm Facing South At least two leaders of the coup launched in Honduras today were apparently trained at a controversial Department ...
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Cross-posted at Facing South By Sue Sturgis Last week former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah ...
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Publicly, BP has said it intends to be generous in compensating those affected by the Gulf oil spill: CEO Tony Hayward has pledged ...
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Originally posted at Facing South Howard Zinn, the noted American historian and professor emeritus in the political science department at ...
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In North Carolina, the state hearings into former Gov. Mike Easley's (D) campaign finances have generated a media frenzy of ...
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Cross-posted at Facing South As we reported ...
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Cross-posted from Facing South -- the former blog, now NEW online magazine of the Institute for Southern Studies.
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Cross-posted at Facing South For many people in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the election of President Barack Obama to the White House last ...
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When news broke yesterday that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was shopping for a "respected economist "
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Cross-posted at Facing South As the battle grows over the Employee Free Choice Act -- one of the biggest pieces of labor legislation in decades --
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Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer Presidential election nights can be traumatic for Southern ...
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NOTE: This is a follow-up to bsmoothmd's ...
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