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We need to get this viral, or as close to viral as we can get it.
by Muzikal203
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Okay, I heard his whatever-he-is Rick Davis on the Today Show claim that McCain has ALWAYS ...
by Muzikal203
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FactCheck.org has a new "viral" email story in their "AskFactCheck" section that's about an ABC News story from a while back . And it's prime evidence of Obama Derangement Syndrome. According to ...
by DollyMadison
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This may have already been diaried, it's already been dugg like crazy so I'll delete it if it's a dupe. In CNN's attempt to objectively uncover the truth in the '08 Presidential race, they take a ...
by breaker1nine
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It made the rounds in 2010. Now it's been given a nasty "election 2012" update... Tonight I got this from my sweet senior citizen (and dem voter) avon lady... When does your home become part of ...
by marzook
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FactCheck.org didn't waste anytime debunking McCain's latest ad...
by MikeNH
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Well, the Obama campaign has come out with another video much like the other video which refutes the McCain campaign's latest distortion on his tax policy.
by Muzikal203
Comment Count 31 comments on Sat Aug 16, 2008 at 07:27 AM PDT with 29 Recommends
For a long time their email seemed to favor the GOP. But yesterday they unloaded on the Koch brothers. FactCheck.org calls itself A Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. http://www.factcheck.
by david78209
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I know everyone engages Conservatives on Facebook and that sometimes it gets rather messy. I try to avoid it and often succeed. But sometimes, just sometimes, something catches my eye... like this:
by EdgedInBlue
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Check this out. Factcheck.org just said that McCain is not being honest about Factcheck.org itself. Isn’t this a riff that writes itself, ...
by LincolnDuncan
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by Terre
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This evening I happened to have been inadvertently exposed to NPR’s “Talk of The Nation,” hosted by Neal Conan. I was listening with about half an ear to a segment called, “ Op-Ed: Now's ...
by lmnop
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Factcheck has a post up attacking as "misleading" the Obama ad that criticizes McCain's voting record on education. ...
by bento
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Reviewing the avalanche of lies, distortions and smears emanating from the presidential campaign of John McCain, NBC's Mark ...
by Jon Perr
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By Russ Buchanan Bush knew about 9-11 beforehand; the Muslim religion is to blame for just about everything, and Michelle Obama is a pampered spendthrift. How do I know? Forwarded emails told me ...
by rbuch
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I'm watching Anderson Cooper on CNN just now (what is up with MSNBC surrendering Friday evening and the rest of the weekend to freaking prison documentaries and hidden camera shows?!) and Cooper ...
by bhfrik
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Just as they did in their article on Social Security , when they made the startling claim that Social Security ...
by legendmn
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For a while Obama and McCain in my view of observing Factcheck.org were somewhat neck and neck. However the last 45 days or so John McCain has ...
by manumit
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Cross-posted to Economists for Obama The Washington Post "Fact Checkers" did a typically poor job doing real-...
by Don Pedro
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FOXnews: Martha MacCallum-- "So last night we heard more Democrats telling their story and one of the things that's being raised now is is that story always accurate...so we're checking some of the ...
by Bill O Rights
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