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Tepco says conditons in units 2, 3 likely as bad as unit 1. Radiation in Unit 1 at 1 Sv/Hr in second floor. Reactor likely breached in several places. Cooling in unit 1 "Impossible"
by nathguy
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This diary is the latest in a series that aim to understand what the likely impact of Fukushima sourced radionuclides will be on ecosystem and human health on the North American west coast. Herein, ...
by MarineChemist
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ENEnews reports as of Wednesday, May 25 a level of 204 Sieverts [20,040 Rem] per hour in the ...
by Joieau
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Nuclear Radioactivity is spreading its damage, even if only in minute doses, and in unexpected ways. We live in a vastly complex and interwoven set of Ecosystems. Taken together they ...
by jamess
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Epidemiologist Joseph Mangano and internist/toxicologist Janette Sherman ...
by Joieau
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About a half-hour ago, I googled "Bain, abortion" to see how widely David Corn's Mother Jones piece was being reported. As expected, there were reposts a-plenty on Dem blogs, along with some media ...
by Crashing Vor
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A couple weeks ago I wrote about a radiation spike detected with the http://www.radiationnetwork.com/ monitoring station in Hawaii. At the time a ...
by sdelear
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Japan will build no new nuclear reactors. It's a huge body blow to the global industry, and could mark a major turning point in the future of energy.
by harveywasserman
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What possible good news could there ever be about nuclear destruction coming to America, whether it is dirty bombs, terrorist nukes or ICBMs from afar? It could land on ...
by seattlealex
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The year 2012 has opened with news that Fukushima's radioactive cloud may already have killed some 14,000 Americans, according to a major study ( http://nukefree.org/mangano-sherman-text-report-...
by harveywasserman
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I haven't posted in awhile, so please forgive me! As some of you know, I've recently been working on finishing up my first "full-length" documentary. This project was a two person project(my brother ...
by Ava Lou
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This week's video is for all you retro future freaks, those who wonder what the hell happened to personal jet packs, flying cars and robot maids. The song is "The Future Just Ain't What It Used to ...
by Crashing Vor
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Tap Water in Tokyo is now unfit for Children http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/23/tokyo-officials-warn-radiation-tap-water_n_839369.html The Japanese government says that Tap Water in the ...
by workingforprogress
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TO ATTACK OR NOT: NO EASY ANSWERS, FEARS ABOUT SUFFERING First posted 9/1/2013 @ http://whenjohnnyandjanecomemarching.weebly.com/blog.html These are complex matters, and there are no easy answers.
by paulacaplan
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The National Journal's website is reporting that RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay has resigned . ...
by ariseatex
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by demkat620
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In ( The political fallout of India 9-11 ) my main concern as someone who knows India from within since more than 25 years, was the possible backlash and its misery following the ...
by Snowy Owl
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by SON2007
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