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Every so often some organization or other puts out a list of standard movie quotes that they say are "THE" top list. We can pretty much predict what will be in the top 10, they are the standard ...
by BFSkinner
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During our morning walk, Melanie in IA and I were talking about a hypothetical question. We enjoy some good discussions during our walks. This one got us enthused quickly about the possibilities. I ...
by jim in IA
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I came across a great site which lists twenty-one songs you know of but never knew the name of. So I present some of my favorites from the list below. Some of which I actually did know the name of, ...
by BFSkinner
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I guess one way you can measure that is by the company you keep. I was thinking the other day of who was the most famous persons I ever met. My list was unimpressive.
by nextyear
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Here he isssssss! That Prince of Puns! The Messiah of Mania himself! Jesus! Just flew in from heaven and, man, are my arms tired (Rimshot!). Heaven's alright. But after a few hundred years those ...
by franklyn
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Only ONE of the following was made up. All the rest were gathered in just three days of Internet collecting. Can you spot the "fake" entry? Of course all of them can lead to brain rot. I am ...
by dweb8231
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For some time I have wanted to say thank you to some famous people for taking a stand or just being nice people. I'm not talking about stalking or even getting a response from a celebrity. I'm ...
by pamfarland
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Covering social justice issues this past month, we interviewed all kinds of people: homeless persons, a woman born in a German displacement camp, and human rights organizers from Chiapas, Mexico. ...
by Biographic Voices
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Outstanding achievements in human political endeavor for 2009, compiled by this not-so-humble blogger:
by NorthernDragon
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