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The rightwing media long ago abandoned any kind of pretense to reason or truth, and thereby proved in a few short years that the flinching tittybabies of 9/11 Nation will gobble up whatever gift-...
by The Termite
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by occams hatchet
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I have been invited to participate in a debate. On one side there would be some honest folks from the early days of Occupy Wall Street and myself. On the other side would be a "Tea Party" panel ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Let’s just call this colossally shortsighted and ill-advised “rebate program” what it is - a giveaway of money that this government doesn’t have to the oil companies, the ...
by clammyc
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WASHINGTON—In what is being regarded as a further provocation on top of his already controversial address before Congress, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu doubled down against President ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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by bastrop
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As events in Egypt, Syria and Palestine heat up... ...The nation-state in the middle of all this, Israel, has had its own share of high political drama. True, instead of blood, only tears and ...
by Assaf
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A few words about comedy, which most especially apply to farce: The actors can NEVER play it for laughs. They have to play it as if it were real, and the most important thing ever: something their ...
by Youffraita
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Mainstream media outlets such as ESPN and Fox Sports are erroneously reporting that the Chicago Cubs are the best team in Major League Baseball. But they are only counting wins and loses, and are ...
by danoland
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The winning word at yesterday's Scripps National Championship Spelling Bee was " guerdon " -- a word that means "something that one has earned or gained." You may be unfamiliar with that ...
by Tortmaster
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by clammyc
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This was a huge hit on Broadway when it first played. Unfortunately, I missed it then -- caught it in revival with Jane Curtin playing the star ... a fading star from the British stage who is ...
by Youffraita
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Ass kissing will ensue...Oh sorry that's unfair....hmmm Take this ...
by LaFeminista
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One event that stands out in my mind was the Jackson State killings The Jackson State killings occurred on Friday May 15, 1970, at Jackson State College (now Jackson State University) in Jackson, ...
by don mikulecky
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Why are we stepping up our effort in Pakistan right now?
by LeftCoastBreakdown
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The more it changes ... A Republican presidential candidate is endorsed by an intolerant protestant who is prejudiced against Catholics and says so. The resulting furor ...
by Timus
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Yes, the Republican debt limit hostage takers and ransom demanders are gearing up for more fun times after the New Year. They are not sure yet exactly what they want - just like last time they put ...
by Phoebe Loosinhouse
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This is a challenge to see how many examples we can come up with representing the current nature of incongruousness , or for a more simple term "farce, i.e. broadly satirical comedy", that we now ...
by Franksandbeans
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These are interesting times, to say the least, and to overcome the rancorous divide that characterizes partisan interactions today, we need new and bold solutions.
by Dauntus
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The term Manifest Destiny, the belief in an American "mission" to promote and defend democracy throughout the world, was first used by Jacksonian Democrats in the 1840s. It probably arose out of the ...
by David Grayling
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