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by Maryscott OConnor
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...though, as an agnostic Jew, I won't be doing so out of any religious obligation this Yom Kippur (יום כיפור), the Jewish Day of ...
by David Harris Gershon
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Earlier this month, I had been asked to provide an insider's perspective on Ramadan. That person had written: I would like to know more about Ramadan ... I mean I could look it up in ...
by JDsg
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In news that probably hasn't been reported widely because it doesn't fit media narratives about organized religion being fixated on sex, last Sunday, Pope Francis made an appeal for peace : I ...
by Anthony de Jesus
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by David Swanson
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By Omar Ghraieb in Gaza, Palestine Edited by Jim Luce in New York As always, Ramadan has come to the Palestinian occupied territories. This year is different: the ...
by jimluce
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I'm doing a run to the store to pick up some stuff. You know, bread and milk and coffee. Hurricane supplies, and my significant other calls it. SOooo, I'm crusing along and the radio station I'...
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