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It's all there in Friday's NY Times. The lede atop today's business section of the gray lady tells us: "[http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/15/business/15bank.html Mortgage Mess May Cost Big Banks ...
by bobswern
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It's interesting that we learn of the specifics of more calls for criminal and civil prosecution of Wall Street executives -- this time by our government's own [http://www.fcic.gov Financial Crisis ...
by bobswern
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IMHO, there are two must-read pieces in Monday's New York Times concerning unemployment and the Great Recession, Wall Street mortgage fraud, and our economy, in general. The first ...
by bobswern
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The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has spoken: As this report goes to print, there are more than 26 million Americans who are out of work , cannot find full-time work, ...
by jamess
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Another disinformation campaign to falsify the history of the mortgage crisis, and to double down on past failures.
by Been There 1963
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The best seller Reckless Endangerment implicates The New York Times in another plagiarism scandal, in which a star reporter appears to be shilling for The American Enterprise Institute.
by Skeptic All
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In today's NY Times, Frank Rich rails on the overwhelming political epidemic that we know as: passing the buck . While, perhaps, the best example of this was Alan Greenspan's testimony last ...
by bobswern
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Krugman is warning us that another Whitewash is underway ... Wall Street Whitewash By Paul Krugman, ...
by jamess
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Ed Pinto labeled 27 million mortgages as "high risk," but showed no curiosity about how those loans performed. A guy who lacked the skills of a junior analyst is touted as an "expert" in the media ...
by Leonard Architect
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If you doubt that there was a concerted effort to bury the findings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, contrast ...
by Leonard Architect
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Tomorrow morning should prove to be a very interesting milestone in the history of this country's Great Recession. We're told that's when the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
by bobswern
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FCIC Commissioner Peter Wallison touts the discredited research of Ed Pinto. So do professors at Berkeley and NYU, who apparently receive indirect funding from the Koch Brothers.
by Leonard Architect
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Going after some more of the best? of the best? of the best?......... in the financial Meltdown! ...
by jimstaro
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One of the Too Big To Follow the Law Fail Banks , Citigroup has finally admitted (indirectly) that yes massive fraud was behind the 2008 meltdown and yes, ...
by DSWright
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A vast conspiracy of silence surrounds the chief proponent of The Big Lie.
by Been There 1963
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Dylan Ratigan is the host of MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show. In my opinion, Ratigan has built his whole show based on substantive ignorance of policy issues and the exploitation of people's fear and ...
by deaniac83
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Now, I've seen everything in this past week, which only confirms my own gut reactions as to what is truly going on in our nation, and how the Shock Doctrine gets played out during times of national ...
by Badabing
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The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has spoken: As this report goes to print, there are more than 26 million Americans who are out of work , cannot find full-time work, ...
by jamess
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"Let me get this straight, the only people who have recovered from the financial meltdown... are the people who caused this financial meltdown," Jon Stewart.
by allenjo
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Though the report by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has gotten mixed and tepid reviews, the Commission did an enormous public service by by pulling back the curtain on a lot of not-so-...
by Leonard Architect
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