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You can't block love. You can't block love, but Scott Walker and his band of Not So Merry Men are sure trying to. After Federal Judge Barbara Crabb declared Wisconsin's ban on same sex marriage ...
by Puddytat
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Buying elections seems legal now Big Money and Dark Money groups are now going to literally be able to buy elections in ...
by Puddytat
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Why is the WI GOP playing dangerous discovery games in the lawsuit over the party's secretly, lopsidedly, gerrymandered redistricting plan for Wisconsin?
by LeftOfYou
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Please visit my blog, where this is cross-posted, and have a look at the actual media pass .
by MPetrelis
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Bushmaster Firearms doesn't like to be sued. That's the bottom line. But dismissing it was not the first move for Bushmaster and the Remington Outdoor Company, its colleague in the lawsuit filed on ...
by TRPChicago
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On one day this month, judges in two federal courts proved that there is still life in the federal judiciary after seven years of Bush/Cheney court packing.
by dlindorff
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I am not a lawyer, but I read The Fogbow (h/t to SueBD To the delight or consternation of birthers, anti-birthers, and Obots everywhere, Obama's legal team of Samuel Begley (Mississippi Lawyer) and ...
by Tomtech
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I know all the buzz tonight is about "Obama vs. McCain II, This Time It's In Tennessee" , but I thought you'd like to know that Bush has just lost his 3rd Gitmo case in a row.
by VA Classical Liberal
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The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday morning issued a stunning ruling : that the United ...
by Daphne Eviatar Human Rights 1st
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It's not an everyday occurrence for the Obama Administration to lose a political battle to progressives, but that's exactly what happened when the Obama Administration dropped its appeal of a ...
by DownstateDemocrat
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Attorneys from the Seattle law firm Keller/Rohrback have agreed to represent protesters who have been banned from state property by the Washington State Patrol during demonstrations at the state ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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By Denny LeBoeuf, Attorney, ACLU National Security Project The New York Times reports that the Obama ...
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The people of Galveston are tough! We get hit by Hurricane Ike. It really knocked us down, but only for a second! We got up. Dusted ourselves off. And got to work. This whole past year has ...
by Deja Vu
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By John Wilkes from Eyesonobama.com: Obama's choice to fill the Supreme Court seat being vacated by retiring Justive David ...
by eyesonobama
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He attended an all-expenses paid junket to a conference in August 2008 sponsored by a Libertarian think tank funded by the Koch brothers. This Conference had the all-too-delicious acronymn of -- ...
by CharlesInCharge
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A Federal Judge Has Ruled that Florida's Death Penalty is unconstitutional. He made this ruling in a "Murder For Hire" case in Miami. U.S. District Judge Jose E. Martinez ordered that a man ...
by Trial Lawyer Richard
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By Jennifer Turner, Human Rights Researcher, ACLU Human Rights Program It seemed to be business as usual Wednesday, as we filed into the courtroom at Guant´┐Żnamo Bay for ...
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As the government continues to ...
by Daphne Eviatar Human Rights 1st
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This diary is part of a tutorial series breaking down my lay person's approach to reading judicial opinions. We are reading the first federal court review of the New York Secure Ammunition and ...
by LilithGardener
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As the trial of a former Guantanamo detainee proceeded peacefully in a New York courtroom today, U.S.
by Daphne Eviatar Human Rights 1st
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