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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report. Rand Paul has shown himself completely out of ...
by RDemocrat
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by Chincoteague
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For years, red state socialism - the steady, one-way flow of taxpayer dollars from Washington DC to solidly Republican states - ...
by Jon Perr
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Okay, so we know that despite troubles in Detroit and Toyotaland the automobile is still king in the US of A. But sometimes it takes some raw numbers to bring home just how much the entire country's ...
by citisven
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This could spell the end of Bush handing out our money to the Churches of his choice as he feels like it. Bushs so-called evangelic bent has been behind the passing out of Millions of our tax ...
by SmileySam
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I diaried about this last night before the story got coverage at the Huff Po, Good Morning America and Reuter’s so whether or not it’s within diary rules, I am reposting this diary ...
by jhw22
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I am a scientist and like many scientists my job is completely dependent on grant money. The Republicans in Congress have taken a hatchet over the years to federal grant money for scientific ...
by cordgrass
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Texas was hit hard in 2008 by hurricanes Dolly and Ike. The federal government pitched in $3.1 Billion Dollars in disaster relief to help people hit hardest. The relief funding was intended to ...
by skywriter
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For social conservatives, it is often said, life begins at conception and ends at birth. If so, nowhere is that more true than in Mississippi. After all, the Magnolia State seems poised to ...
by Jon Perr
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Back in the early years when a younger, more flagrant George W. Bush gently hinted at the idea that some tax dollars might be shifted over to "faith based" efforts, I knew then exactly what he meant.
by Detroit Mark
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As a "nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization," the National Center for Policy Analysis produced a policy paper in December of 2012 that reaffirmed its "nonpartisan" credibility ...
by dannyboy1
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Maybe President Bush is smarter than he appears. After all, it takes an aspect of cunning to introduce a proposal that would require federally funded medical institutions to hire health care ...
by NeverStopTheProgress
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Perhaps there is a smugness when we read about another child abuse case at the hands of a parent. We believe that the case worker is "damned if she does, damned if she doesn't". However we are not ...
by mntleo2
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by sfluke
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far the most relevant to the current debate. Every corporation uses the infrastructure of America to perform their business. The larger the corporation the more infrastructure it utilizes. The ...
by arlandbaee
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I submitted written testimony to the Harkin committee hearing on the importance of embryonic stem cell research, responding to the threat of federal funding being permanently stopped. Your ...
by diverdonreed
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Last Saturdays' diary by Dartagnan's on 'Hilarious--NPR Receiving Warnings From Longtime "Viewers"' was heavily commented and many of us sent emails and donations to NPR in support of their ...
by Renie57
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This is not a new story. Lot's of people are well aware of the facts. The Ed Show ran a story on this in February, 2012. http://ed.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/17/10436891-romney-used-federal-...
by BornDuringWWII
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By Steph Sterling Director of Government Relations and Senior Advisor, National Women's Law Center Cross-
by National Womens Law Center
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Some good news for Colorado today: http://www.gazette.com/articles/senate-152373-colorado-watershed.html#...
by poopdogcomedy
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