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The Big Lie about the financial crisis is perpetuated by ...
by Been There 1963
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After posting massive losses, yet again, Fannie and Freddie have warned that they will be needing another ...
by gjohnsit
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Clearly, no one suspected this would make such good TV. C-Span cut away to Rangel, and it's taken some ...
by kravitz
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"Never believe anything until it has been officially denied." - Otto Von Bismark Otto may have been one of history's great bastards, but he was also a Machiavellian genius when it came ...
by gjohnsit
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My landlord berated me and sent me into a panic attack. I think it was on purpose. You see, he doesn't want me to start training a replacement for Púka.
by LoreleiHI
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There’s a hell of a lot more to [http://www.rollcall.com/news/white_house_to_nominate_rep_watt_to_housing_agency_gop_opposition_likely-224461-1.html this breaking story] than [http://www.nytimes....
by bobswern
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A vast conspiracy of silence surrounds the chief proponent of The Big Lie.
by Been There 1963
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In light of the recent report that shows that during this current recession the already-wide racial wealth gap has grown even more wide, I thought it would be appropriate to post a series I ...
by Dr Rhymes
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We have a public option for mortgage insurance-- it's called FHA mortgage insurance. The public option is fully funded by premiums paid by borrowers, not by the taxpayer. The public option exists ...
by skymutt
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There's an interesting [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/11/22/807111/-Its-No-*******-Wonder-that-State-Governments-Cant-Pay-Their-Bills diary] on the rec list right now about how states shift the ...
by theran
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The decision is in: the real estate market is officially on the mend. Housing market rebound firming up Sustained housing rebound under way Three ways to play the Great Real Estate Rebound ...
by gjohnsit
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The report out today says that the Federal Housing Administration is having the ...
by gjohnsit
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Anarchism: a political theory holding all forms of governmental authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association ...
by sdelear
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Dear KleptoKrats Don't miss out. Yes, you and yours can buy foreclosed single-family homes that are acquired by the Federal Housing Administration (which is part of HUD) for $1.00. The ...
by War on Error
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Or struggling to emerge from the Dark Ages, the Bush years. All of this debate, Glen Greenwald ,
by scorpiorising
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In his first ever television interview , Lew Ranieri, 'the Father of Securitization', told the folks at CNBC his view of the truth about the housing ...
by yuriwho
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It's Friday night. I don't have to work but she does. I have a bottle of Absolut Pears and time on my hands. So I'm checking through the usual sites and I have a peek at ...
by ReallyEvilCanine
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Being in the mortgage business, I had a thought yesterday that hopefully can be used to better sell the Public Option and that is to compare it to the VERY successful FHA program. You don't need to ...
by FORUS50
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Cross-posted from Tort Deform: The Civil Justice Defense Blog ...
by TortDeform com
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Change is coming to the most important government agency that most Americans never heard of. For many months, a broad coalition of housing, consumer protection, and civil rights groups has been ...
by The Opportunity Agenda
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