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I need to get these notes down on record before I go on what may later look like an incoherent rant, because I'm so sick and tired of the lying austerian liars and the faux experts who they use as ...
by aguadito
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Okay, I exaggerate (slightly). If you follow Libertarian/Conservative economic arguments (and can take the pain), you'll eventually hear a plaintive call to either go back to a gold standard for ...
by Zyx
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In Part One, of a critique of the most important of "Fix the Debt's" reasons for "Why the National Debt Should Matter To You," I asserted ...
by Letsgetitdone
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Free-Marketeers (Em-Ay-Ar-Kay-e-Tee-E-E-Ar-Ess, Em-Oh-You-Es-EEEEE!) simply do not understand how modern economies work. Their theories of economics are thoroughly rooted in the 19th and early 20th ...
by Zyx
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The trillion dollar platinum coin is probably not going to happen , although Paul Krugman makes a really strong case for it here. The problem is apparently the silliness factor - people ...
by xaxnar
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So we're dealing a lot lately with talk about ending the fed, sound money and economic systems when it comes to talk of where we as a people should be headed towards in the future. I'll admit this ...
by Fallout2man
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Last night while passing by CNBC Fast money program the subject of gold came up and the host proclaimed, in essence, that a gold play was "shorting America" . (Disclaimer) Say ...
by joeshwingding
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This is more of a question than a diary.
by CwV
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