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The op ed page of today's Boston Globe offers a pair of pieces taking Conservatives to task for their misuse of terminology. The first, by Scot Lehigh, is ...
by teacherken
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by TommyG
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1. we have the highest rate of incarceration in the Western industrialized world 2. we have the highest rate of execution in the Western industrialized world 3. we have the highest rate of murder ...
by teacherken
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Finland doesn't mess around when it comes to income inequality. Just ask Reima Kuisla, a Finnish ...
by Dartagnan
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Here I am referring to Representative Dave Brat (R-Virginia), whose spoken-word theme in recent House Education and Workforce Committee proceedings was the matter of how genius comes about: During ...
by Cassiodorus
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The Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland) have long served as models for worldly progressives everywhere. They're indisputably some the most left-leaning of the developed, ...
by BluePlatypus
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According to the World-wide Happiness Index , Finland is #2. FINLAND has been judged to be the world’s second happiest country in the United Nations’ World Happiness Report, which was released ...
by War on Error
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On Thursday night I saw the premiere of "The Finland Phenomenon: Inside the World’s Most Surprising School System." This is the latest film by Robert Compton, who perhaps best known for "Two ...
by teacherken
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or more precisely, Finnish Lessons: What can the world learn from educational change in Finland? , is simply put the one must read to begin to ...
by teacherken
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A strange thing has been happening...in Finland. On October 12, there was a televised debate on the Finnish station YLE featuring Christian Democrat leader, P�ivi R�s�nen, Bishop of ...
by rserven
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Ding! The French legislature gave final approval to same-sex marriage legislation The Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee approved same-sex marriage legislation, opening it up for a vote today ...
by jpmassar
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Great short article over at the Atlantic - What Americans Keep ...
by taonow
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Amigos, On Friday, my long-awaited book, NOTES FOR THE AURORA SOCIETY, was finally published. Many of you have read excerpts from it over the past few years. Those are ...
by environmentalist
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was given yesterday at the National Opportunity to Learn Education Summit by Diane Ravitch. You can read the entire text here (...
by teacherken
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by shortfinals
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The US Supreme Court isn't the be all and end all when it comes to marriage equality news. In fact, in the run up to the oral arguments that took place last week and since much has happened in the ...
by jpmassar
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No, I am not quoting Al Michaels at the end of the Lake Placid Gold Medal Hockey game. Rather, I am quoting my friend Diane Ravitch, for the title ...
by teacherken
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While many of you back in the States have been rightly very focused on the recent midterm elections, I have been in Europe fulfilling my college major's requirement that I spend a semester studying ...
by billyleeblack16
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Congressional Democrats and wavering Republicans who threaten to refuse to support another surge, and another, and another, will be accused of bringing on a bloodbath in Iraq. This is clearly the ...
by oxon
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This is anathema to all the very important people who write very important opinion pieces and talk very importantly on television. But that bane of banes and evil of evils actually does good things, ...
by Laurence Lewis
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