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It seems one GOP talking head is paying the price…
by Leslie Salzillo
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Bo, a six-month-old tuxedoed Portuguese water dog, will soon be joining the First Family. He was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy.
by noweasels
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So, according to the Christian Science Monitor, the report by Time magazine was a mistake.
by lollydee
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Congratulations to new mother, Chelsea Clinton, and new father, Marc Mezvinsky , who welcomed Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky into the ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Happy Thanksgiving, all! I'm very thankful for your support of this diary. I hope you are having a wonderful day. (Don't miss [Blackwaterdog's Thanksgiving blog posthttp://blackwaterdog....
by Kat 4 Obama
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I didn't use "Breaking" so there. The First Family has finally made a decision regarding the campaign promise many have so actively followed. They have selected a DOG!!! Woot. And the winner is...
by Vita Brevis
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No, I didn't fly on Air Force One. Kathleen Parker did last week along with a number ...
by Setrak
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President Barack Obama, guides, and Secret Service agents walk barefoot during a tour of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, Burma, Nov. 19, 2012. Over the fold National Christmas Tree Lighting ...
by BlueJessamine
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Just a quick thought...I noticed this Tuesday night and am glad that someone pulled the video into a short clip...see the link below... ...Sasha noticed the incredibly enthusiastic supporters behind ...
by Roozle
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There were many disappointed supporters after weather forced the Obama campaign to change venues from the outdoor stadium to the smaller convention hall, but it's a hallmark of a convention run so ...
by ksh01
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Call me tactless and politically UN-savvy all day. I give not two damns. I want Barack to lay into John McCain and his Debbie Does Dallas looking wife SOOOO bad I could scream. I want him to dig all ...
by RemarkablyChanel
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So I posted the link on my Facebook page to the MSNBC post regarding the NRA's macabre ad using President Obama's daughters to further their plan to stimulate paranoia and foment armed revolution ...
by dannyboy1
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I am a cranky old redneck fart and I demand an investigation! The Obama administration is trying to charm all real Americans into submissive silence to cover-up their subversive actions. This ...
by FeloniousMonk
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I typically can ignore the hate-fueled tripe peddled by the folks on the right side of the political spectrum, but today A colleague sent a link from redstate.com that truly sinks to depths of ...
by redstatesucks
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Shocking, appalling, frightening and incomprehensible, one must be concerned for the safety of our First Family and wonder. Why? Why did these two FIRST TIME, incredible protection lapses occur and ...
by Gorette
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It wasn’t when they called the election on TV. It wasn’t when they did a wide pan of the crowds in Grant Park It wasn’t when they showed people cheering and sobbing in different ...
by jodi318
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I hope you and your staff will indulge one of your volunteers for a moment in something that has been a deep passion in my life for the last four years. I know that you have promised your daughters ...
by vaspider
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