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Dear Friends, Earlier this morning, Congressman West gave a gracious concession. The election is over, and I am truly humbled that the voters of the 18th district have entrusted me to represent ...
by Congressman Patrick Murphy
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Just saw the Palm Beach County Judge David Crow live giving his ruling on Allen West's motion for an injunction regarding his apparent defeat in Florida's 18th Congressional district against ...
by Ubiquitous A
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http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/region_st_lucie_county/fort_pierce/st-lucie-recount-results-shows-murphy-still-ahead-of-west FORT PIERCE -- Results of recounting more than 37,000 St. Lucie County ...
by MovieJay
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Retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West--U.S. Congressman and wingnut Tea Party hero many of whom revere as the Anti-Obama--resigned from the Army to avoid being court martialed. But in true Allen West ...
by Kwik
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This being Allen West though he'll still try and drag it through the courts as best his lawyers can. The result as certified is outside the margin for an automatic recount. ...
by Scarce
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by howgroovy
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Dear Friends, I'm running against Allen West. With about a week to go, the latest polls show it a dead heat. One poll last week showed us a point down, another showed us tied, and yesterday, a ...
by Congressman Patrick Murphy
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West has conceded in a written statement, released early this morning. via Politico Florida Rep. Allen West — the tea party pugilist and face of the class of House ...
by Scarce
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Thank you to the community at Daily Kos and across the Netroots. My campaign to win Florida’s 18th Congressional District is ...
by Annette Taddeo for Congress
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by kid oakland
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BREAKING - Just Reached 200 Individual Contributions! American hero and fellow Orange to Blue candidate Jon ...
by Annette Taddeo Online Team
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Judge Dan Vaughn in St. Lucie County has ruled that under Florida statutes, he does not have the authority to either to grant the plaintiff (Allen West) their request for a full recount of early ...
by Ubiquitous A
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Congressmen-elect Patrick Murphy & Ami Bera It's over, folks: The AP has officially called the race for Democrat Ami Bera in California's 7th Congressional District. With Thursday's ...
by David Nir
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Much like the Twilight movie franchise, the rather long and drawn out saga that is the election for Florida's 18th district Congressional seat between Patrick Murphy and incumbent Allen West is (...
by Ubiquitous A
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He just won't go away. Rep. Allen West, not at all shockingly, is refusing to concede his ...
by Joan McCarter
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Rep. Allen West made 2003 an issue with an ad he released last week about Patrick Murphy, who was in college then, and got in trouble for a bar fight. That ad brought on this answer from Murphy, a ...
by Joan McCarter
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Allen West still trying to overturn this election. Rep. Allen West's first hearing in his bid ...
by Joan McCarter
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Over the weekend, the question on the minds of the community of political junkies was a simple one: had Mitt Romney's clear victory in the first debate, in the eyes of a majority of voters, ...
by Steve Singiser
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Buh-bye. In this Thanksgiving week, we can ...
by Joan McCarter
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Aside from being just plain crazy, Republican Rep. Allen West (FL-18) has a real problem with the ladies. His Democratic opponent, Patrick Murphy, is hitting him hard with a new ad to remind ...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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