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With all due respect, since I have (1) been pretty neutral relative to 98% of Democrats and progressives and (2) I agree that regardless of how Clinton ran her campaign, BOTH her, Obama and each of ...
by clammyc
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I know that this will get some of the typical "who gives a shit about what you think or say" comments but I'm used to that and frankly, that says more about the commentators than it does about me.
by clammyc
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This diary's about you! That is somewhat humorously intended, but it serves well to lead into an email-style diary for a fellow Kossack. Interaction on Daily Kos can be very special. Those who ...
by BeninSC
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I’ve taken a break from blogging since the health care debate in December 2009. But on the eve of the midterm elections, there’s ...
by Lib Stone
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for one thing, it is afternoon, not morning for another, I did not teach this week, nor did I teach last week, since I have been caring for my wife, last week in the hospital, this past week at ...
by teacherken
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Imagine, if you will, two groups of political activists. Group A is organized. Group A works their butts off making calls and knocking on doors. Group A gives lots of money to their PAC. Group B is ...
by blue aardvark
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So, in my last diary, I talked about losing the first hundred pounds on my weight loss journey.
by zenbassoon
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So now here's another post in my ongoing weight loss journey. I've posted four installments so far. If you want to read them to catch up, you can find ...
by zenbassoon
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I apologize for this amazingly short diary. But there are 234 diaries up about the Palin pick and what it means. Game change this, game change that. Here’s what I know for sure: John ...
by Ed G
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This is for the absent-minded eclectic scientists and other geeks among us.
by Miep
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It's hard to believe that it was one year ago that I started this journey. One year ago I weighed 600 pounds and could barely move. Now, I'm almost 220 pounds lighter and feeling better than I ...
by zenbassoon
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This is my first diary, not because I haven't had any ideas to write about, but rather because Dkos is just too fast for me, you all always beat me to it. In fact this idea has probably been ...
by dmet
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It can come as no shock that there are a lot of folks in the Netroots that have a paramount issue that they think, talk and write about extensively. When they do they often are making a case to make ...
by Something the Dog Said
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I fear the GLBT community is on the path to the Darkside I can say this because I feel it's 100% true. Had Proposition 8 not passed in California, the GLBT community would not be nearly as up in ...
by LTMidnight
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In the past week, since Pennsylvania, we have seemingly gotten a bit off track. A few media worthy things happened. The Pennsylvania primary was not one of them. Hillary was expected to win all ...
by Riterzbloc
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Reaching out to young people is especially critical at this time. With mounting psycho-social stress attributed to an increasingly uncertain future, young people are going to need support grappling ...
by Tim Hjersted
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It's feasible that the situation over the story told by McCain regarding Crosses in the Sand is an example of errors in his memory, him absorbing things that happened not just to him but to other ...
by Chris Reeves
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I had a few notes asking that I re-post this diary today, so at the risk of drawing some flak (not a lot of experience with this phenomenon), here 'tis. Ok, so it's a new baseball season, which I ...
by GoBlue08
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I spend a lot of time in search of understanding. As thoughtful, empathetic humans, I imagine we all do. It's part of what makes the ideological chasm between the Mainstream Believers and the Non-...
by sea bear
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As David Plouffe says...quit hyperventilating about McCain's bounce. You had to know it was coming. Did you expect the GOP to fall flat on it's face during the convention? If we have learned ...
by conqdad
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