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Yep, the alarms are sounding in the gated communities of Have-More-istan. Rick Ungar posted this afternoon on the Forbes magazine website:
by NBBooks
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Here's the only question on the test.....How much do taxpayers contribute to public employee pensions in Wisconsin? Take a guess...50%....30%....pick your number. See how close you can come. Let ...
by Julie Gulden
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It's been a very bad season for talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, and a very rewarding time for the millions of Americans who have protested his extreme hate speech for decades. Two years ago, newer ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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As many of you who follow health care issues are probably aware, Forbes Columnist Rick Ungar recently garnered national attention ...
by james321
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Bloomberg got an Emmy nomination in 2007 for explaining the mechanics of these "hedge fund" attacks. Vid is HERE . "Phantom ...
by vets74
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Hardly a bastion of liberal thought, A Forbes magazine article says Obama not only outperformed conservative hero Reagan, but also has reduced the national debt. Here's the last paragraph of the ...
by Persiflage
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We're seeing the hypocrisy daily: The TX GOP Congressman berating a Federal Park ranger for the closure of a WWII memorial to visiting WWII veterans - a closure necessitated by his vote and those ...
by dweb8231
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If you've ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, you really have to wonder at the people who take it as a recipe for a better world. Sure, it's an epic tale with Good Guys (and Girls) acting on ...
by xaxnar
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Forbes online magazine today contains yet another startling admission that Capitalism is in serious trouble, " ...
by goinsouth
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Today I'd like to bring your attention to a piece by Rick Ungar at Forbes.com detailing the pesky facts about Obamacare that Republicans would like to deny. Let’s begin with the meme ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Wow. This was a surprise coming from Forbes ... Rush Limbaugh's Non-Apology Apology John McQuaid, Contributor, Forbes.com -- 3/03/2012 The art of the non-apology apology is often crude: a ...
by jamess
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If you want to identify the most unpopular political entity in modern American history, then you need look no further than the current Republican Party. As of today’s date, according to a new ...
by praenomen
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Article VI of the Constitution states that "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." My name is Wynne LeGrow. I am the ...
by Wynne LeGrow
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The most popular story on the Forbes.com website at this moment (Monday afternoon) is headlined “ Obamacare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For A Typical Family of Four ”. Wow! That ...
by Andrew Lazarus
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This is going to be a short (for me ;) diary on a growing problem: water shortages. If you do a quick search with any web search tool on water shortage , you'll turn up no end of news stories ...
by xaxnar
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As you might have heard the economy is contracting while unemployment remains high inching higher especially in real terms again while Washington is too stupid or corrupt across the board to notice. ...
by priceman
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Every time he opens his pie hole another lie falls out Scott Walker (R-FitzWalkerKochStan) keeps rolling out the talking points as he's asked ...
by Puddytat
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Around 8pmest every night Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan show(fill-in host):
by cedar park
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"Ugh. I'm so very disappointed with Forbes Magazine. I mean... That's... My base. Steve Forbes runs it.... um.... right? I... Don't.... know.... what to say." Yes, you got that right: ...
by pipsorcle
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Many folks aren't aware of the wily indirect connection between iHeart Radio (a Pandora copycat) and Clear Channel . iHeart is owned by Clear Channel, which is owned ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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