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Six of the Democratic candidates appeared at the Logo forum. And there were several interesting points articulated.
by rjones2818
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The US news media currently ignores most events and protests associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Activists from across the nation will be gathering in Sacramento, California on July ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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Traditionally the natural habitat of troll's was under bridges. Recently however trolls have began to inhabit many different locations because of the ecological destruction wreaked on bridge eco-...
by Timothy Scriven
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I'm sixty years old and twenty of those years were lived in Colorado where I began my journalism and photography career (part-time, freelance, stringer, activist) so I do know the Rocky Mountain ...
by akmk
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I've been making my calls. A lotta god damned calls actually. This is essentially a repost of a diary posted late Friday. Given the media bias against health care right now, this warrants another ...
by potatohead
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If you've ever ventured into a conservative chat forum, you are aware they are often a hotbed of misinformation and conservative rhetoric. What may not be apparent is not all that lurk within are ...
by Steve Colby
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I have been thinking about how we can address the issues raised by GrannyDoc lamenting the loss of detailed interesting and educational diaries, Elinorianne who loves the great human interest ...
by yoduuuh do or do not
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It's interesting when an allegedly left-winger forum (not DKos, another one) punishes a user for wanting his fellow users to engage in polite, but firm left-wing activism. Rule of thumb: don't post ...
by Lothar2009
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I have encountered a great many issue trolls recently.I believe that many of them may be under the direction of various campaigns. They use circular arguments and cut and pasted talking points and ...
by woodstock007
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Into the eye of the enemy, or what?
by Beep
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by Acebass
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