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In 1962 an exposed vein of coal in an abandoned strip mine caught on fire on the eastern side of Pennsylvania and it burned under ground for... ...what is it today? 2010? For 48 years. For 48 ...
by Muskegon Critic
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In this visually beautiful and mesmerizing piece, 27 year-old Prince Ea apologies to future generations for what we are doing, and not doing, to the planet today. The six-minute video contains so ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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The NREL(National Renewable Energy Laboratory) recently did a study on renewable energy potential in the U.S. and the results certainly expose the lies spouting from the mouths of the Republican(Big ...
by Lawrence
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Despite two recent attempts, Congress has not yet been willing to deep-six subsidies to the fossil-fuel industry even though the oil industry is generating record profits and, together with the ...
by Meteor Blades
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When in the majority, the Republican Party worked hard in Congress to weaken America, to undermine our fiscal strength, to weaken the military, to hurt the economy.... They worked hard at this and ...
by A Siegel
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As part of the mandated process for reviewing the potential environment effects of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, the U.S. State Department was required to request and review public comments ...
by Meteor Blades
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A huge victory for our fellow Kossack Bill McKibben and planet Earth: From Financial Times : A move to turn fossil fuels into the “new apartheid” has gathered pace as a further nine US cities ...
by ericlewis0
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by Mark Fiore
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Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Do The Math Tour event when it arrived in Madison WI. It had a Bus, a Building, and, best of all, Bill ... Bill McKibben of 350.org.
by JanF
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Last Saturday I found myself sitting across the table from Bill McKibben on the outdoor patio of a San Francisco pub, interviewing him about the modern day Merry Pranksters -style Do The Math bus ...
by citisven
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There can be no doubt left. Climate change is not the future it is now. The extreme weather events we have experienced just in the last six months; from the hot winter days in January to the ...
by VL Baker
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WWII Propaganda Poster What if we declared war on our fossil fuel dependency and waged a WWII type effort to wean ourselves off of its use and transform our economy to a non-polluting , renewable ...
by John Crapper
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Crossposted from Greenpeace USA . Correction: this post listed KS Sen. Julia Lynn as a supporter of the RPS freeze--she is not and her name was removed from SB 82 co-sponsors below. A recent flood ...
by cgibosn
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Experts are warning that Trillions of dollars are at risk as stock markets inflate value of fossil fuels that may have to remain buried forever. and global stock markets are betting on countries ...
by VL Baker
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Words leaking from behind closed doors about the Energy Bill are, well, to anyone who cares about an Energy Smart future simply foul language. According to ...
by A Siegel
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Michael Slezak at New Scientist [interviewedhttp://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22029470.300-mining-insider-leave-the-coal-in-the-ground.html#.Uq92sGRDt14] mining executive Ian Dunlop, a former ...
by Meteor Blades
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If there was a defining moment at Thursday's wide-...
by Meteor Blades
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Lisa P. Jackson probably won't miss her trips to Capitol Hill after she leave the Environmental Protection Agency early next year. In an expected announcement, Lisa Perez Jackson, who has taken ...
by Meteor Blades
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On the last day of April 2010, it is becoming clear that this past month may well have been the worst month in American, if not human, history with regards to disastrous consequences due to humans' ...
by LaughingPlanet
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At Grist, Philip Bump writes Fossil-fuel extraction on public land yields massive economic boom, kind of :
by Meteor Blades
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