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Our aviation system is in a panic over a terrorist attack that FAILED. Full on panic. All shoes must be removed since the shoe bomber. I suppose now that there is a pants bomber, going through ...
by brooklynbadboy
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Washington Post Staff Writer Ellen Nakashima reports that the US Government is not just listening to your phone calls, they are watching everywhere you go, who you sit next to and what you are ...
by catfishkatfish
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this is officially sad Officials ordered nine Muslim ...
by cskendrick
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I went on strike... and I'm still on strike, 30 years later.
by hillbrook green
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by Jerome a Paris
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In an auto milage deal worked out with the car companies President Obama did more in the first term to reduce global warming than all the legislation that didn't pass. He has a similar opportunity ...
by ban nock
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Detroit airport (Derek KT W) If you read nothing but the headlines on the AP article, you get ...
by Mark Sumner
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Amid last week’s terrible ructions in air travel, will no one point out the part of all this that is most politically and socially significant? No, I am not referring to the stunning levels ...
by David Brin
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Air travel is hard enough these days, what with the invasive TSA, cramped seats, less-than stellar service in the air, and surprise charges everywhere. But my fellow travelers, sometimes all that ...
by TheOrchid
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Oh Hai!! Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a ...
by brillig
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When you fly, which do you like better? The delays or the idiots of the Transportation ...
by Doctor RJ
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Crossposted at Swords Crossed. The French and the Japanese have ...
by quaoar
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YAATS (Yet Another Airport Terminal Station) has opened in Dallas for the "orange line" in the Dallas Area Regional Transit light rail system. This is not at the regional airport Love Field, even ...
by BruceMcF
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I've been away from home for about the last week, so I haven't had ...
by Doctor RJ
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I was at the San Francisco Int'l Airport yesterday, browsing at Hudson News (newspapers, books, chewing gum concessionaires at most large airports) when I noticed that their TV was tuned to FOX News.
by CrystalClear
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At the moment I'm using the Internet, as are you. In many ways, the Internet is the largest and perhaps most successful global system ever built by humanity. And yet because of the way it was built-
by barath
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Um, hiiiii, NASA? Yeeeeah, you’re gonna have to go ahead and release that report. From the Associated Press via MSNBC.com: ...
by The Termite
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I had a mini "tilting at windmills/resistance is futile" moment at my hometown Airport screening area this week. So imagine my surprise (not!) when I saw that the TSA had released ...
by FiddleDeeDee
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In the latest incident of attempted terrorism on an international air flight, a passenger on Delta Flight 1013 from Lisbon to New York yesterday managed to assault the aircraft's pilot with his fists,
by dnta
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Well, it’s been an interesting week for energy news. This diary is going to be something of an omnibus edition, looking at a range of energy related news, connections between energy policy ...
by xaxnar
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