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I'm a self-employed professional in my 50s with a graduate degree. I earn a decent living as a contract employee but with no job security. I don't have health insurance because I can't afford it.
by wiseacre
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A few weeks ago, Corvo, apparently representing the insurance industry, posted a diary advocating that Universal Healthcare might not be a solution to our healthcare problem. His premise for this ...
by slippytoad
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Honorable Sir: I am a corrupt foreign politician who has embezzled millions of dollars from my country. I have learned of your upright character and exceptional honesty. Help me laundry my money and ...
by Quality Counts
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In a recent Wall Street Journal Article George Mason University ...
by Citizen Rat
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MAKING MONEY!!!! And that's ALL, that's what the whole business economy is geared to and who pays when they aren't regulated and that creates huge problems, like the criminal enterprises ...
by jimstaro
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It’s difficult to hold your ground during an earthquake. And the economic earth has been shifting, fast and furiously, during a week from hell. If we could link the financial meltdown we ...
by Quality Counts
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Now that both Obama and McCain have donned the mantle of change, the crucial question becomes: change to what? Everyone appears to be in favor of playing nice in Washington and special interests ...
by Quality Counts
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The argument that the extraordinary cost of health care in America is at the heart of our healthcare crisis is a compelling one that both Presidential candidates appear to accept. John McCain has ...
by Quality Counts
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