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Whereas; The Press, the Fourth Estate, is the gatekeeper of Truth in our country. If the Press does not report it, it effectively never happened as far as the all important reaction of the citizenry ...
by buhdydharma
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I just got ...
by AdamGreen
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We, the undersigned, have played various parts in building a network called the Internet. We wrote and debugged the software; we defined the standards and protocols that talk over that ...
by Clay Claiborne
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And if you're not careful, in some states, simply taping law-enforcement officers carrying out their law-enforcement duties, can land you in prison ... Chicago Police:
by jamess
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There's a huge story breaking in Phoenix, Arizona regarding the jailing of the founders of the Phoenix New Times newspaper by the Maricopa Country Sheriff's Office led by the "the toughest sheriff ...
by artmartin
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Bombshell Testimony from Bagram Interrogator Convicted of Abuse, Reporters Banned from Gitmo for Reporting his Name By Jennifer Turner, Human Rights Researcher, ACLU ...
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Like many of you I am disgusted by the extreme police brutality that we've seen during the Wall Street Occupation. Sadly this is not a new thing in our supposedly free country. Way back in '08, ...
by Johnnythebandit
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by Barbara Morrill
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We've talked a lot about the press round these parts. From the insidious Judith Miller and the New York Times' flagrant beating of war drums to the berating of the blogosphere by Howie Kurtz and ...
by JuliaAnn
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Little noticed but extremely important to progressives, on Saturday afternoon Congress also passed the Local ...
by Timothy Karr
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Several dailykos writers ...
by jamess
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The notoriously conservative Washington Post (WaPo) editorial board published a tacit threat to Ecuador for Ecuador's granting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange asylum : ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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by Jerome a Paris
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Fighting An Eviction On Dec 2nd participants of Occupy Seattle gathered for a march at their camp of 100 tents on Capitol Hill. The camp is currently under threat of an eviction ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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The New York Times gets Net Neutrality right again, and again, and again. In their fourth editorial in support of Net ...
by Timothy Karr
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Earlier today, Kossack Jesselyn Radack--who is, in my opinion, one of the bravest advocates for transparent government and an open press in this country, today--published this important post here at ...
by bobswern
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Events of just last week reveal a full-on assault on the First Amendment. Since it seems our government has forgotten, the First Amendment reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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If not for the Pentagon Papers, documenting the foul-ups and the bad decisions on top of bad decisions, who knows when that terrible War to "stop the communist dominoes," might have ever ended? If ...
by jamess
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There is a clash of titan forces taking place in the American Economy right now. It's a tale as old as Greed itself. It is the tale of the "Powers that Be" running into the watchful eyes ...
by jamess
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Call me "Old Fashioned", many do, but I used to believe that journalists at least paid lip-service to the stories they commented on, before opening their mouths and ...
by twigg
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