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A co-worker forwarded to me the following right-wing rant--a rant that I just had to respond to. Free Stuff Will the US survive ??? The folks who are getting the free stuff, don't ...
by SciFiGuy
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In the little community called J Town, right across the square from those cute little houses with the great big porches, is a little bar called the F Bomb. Up at the bar they are all a-Flutter ...
by Floja Roja
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Now that the kids are asleep...... Presented without comment, whilst blushing heavily: Free Vibrators for Furloughed Federal Employees? Are you a federal employee that has been deemed non-essential?
by TheHalfrican
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A week ago, I returned from a visit to NYC where I attended the BlogHer 2012 conference. As I do before any trip, I printed out my handy packing list and meticulously crossed things off as they ...
by liberated spaces
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I'm keeping my Free Stuff in the garage for now, but I'll have to get some shipping containers (they stack you know) once there's too much Free Stuff to fit in the garage. Here's some of my Free ...
by Cartoon Peril
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I recommend this book highly, some quick points: It’s a free ebook that you can download here :) Written by Bob Altemeyer,
by Drunkard
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On Thursday, July 12th, after addressing a group from the NAACP, presidential-hopeful Mitt Romney made the following stunning statement: "If you’re looking for free stuff you don't have to pay ...
by jillwklausen
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Want some FREE STUFF from the government? Get yourself a freakin' dancing horse and claim a $77,000 tax deduction! Start up a private prison / immigration detention center business and cash in on ...
by Cartoon Peril
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This is Veterans Day - not a special day to mourn our dead - but a day devoted to thanking and appreciating all of our veterans who are still alive whether we like it or not . We know most people ...
by llbear
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Yes indeed, more free stuff would be greatly appreciated. I'm 65, retired, and living on social security, which really isn't enough and certainly doesn't keep up with inflation. But I'm not greedy. ...
by vlyons
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The battle by conservatives and the GOP against liberal approaches to government and policy is waged on multiple fronts. One front that was opened in this election was the conservative appeal to ...
by Liberal Capitalist
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Lost . . . in the discussion of the inconsistencies between Mitts assertion that he left Bain in February 1999 and the incontrovertible fact that he was representing something different to ...
by windje
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In celebration of Joe's epic takedown of Boy Munster, I am giving Kossaks free copies of my kindle ebook Jukebox Loser: An Owner's Manual for Idiot Desires . It's™ a little story about art, ...
by NearlySomebody
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by IsraelHand
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