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For a very long year, I paid almost all the bills for a family of four on not much money at all. I mean REALLY not much money. When I needed a coat that winter, I bought it at Goodwill, and the ...
by noweasels
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Forget $40 a day with Rachel Ray. This Kossacks Under 35 Diary is about surviving on next-to-nothing. If you’re broke, let’s fix it.
by kath25
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Welcome to a special Mojo Friday/Frugal Friday joint edition. In case you are wondering what either of those things are, Frugal Fridays is ...
by sarahnity
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In these tough economic times, I'm reminded of Ben Franklin's famous quote: We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. Last week I wrote that it ...
by sarahnity
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It's a sad fact that as the economy goes south, the number of scams and cons that are designed to separate you from your dwindling resources increase. Last year I covered some of ...
by sarahnity
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Although there have been some promising signs that the US economy as a whole may be rebounding, it's going to be quite a while before those trends (if they are, in fact, truly positive) make their ...
by sarahnity
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Welcome to Frugal Fridays where we share money saving tips, discuss living frugally and talk about personal finance issues. This is my ...
by 1864 House
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Welcome to a new weekly (or so) diary series on saving money and other personal finance issues! This is a place to ask for advice and to share your favorite money saving tip or financial advice. ...
by sarahnity
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There is no specific topic today mostly just some house keeping. I want to thank jlms qkw for filling in for me last week. And while I'm at it announce that next Friday we are in for a treat, ...
by TexDem
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My maternal grandmother was born in November 1902 in a small village in northern Vermont. Both of her parents had been born in England. Her mother had been abandoned as a young child and shipped ...
by noweasels
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Welcome to Frugal Fridays where we share money saving tips, discuss living frugally and generally talk about personal finance issues. Sarahnity is taking a break and I’m filling in. Sarahnity ...
by mbzoltan
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The recent earthquake in Haiti, as well as extreme weather around the world, has made all of us aware that disasters can strike anywhere without warning. Each of us needs to make plans and prepare ...
by sarahnity
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In these lean and uncertain times the need to conserve food and energy, among a plethora of other important things, is going to help us survive this incoming recession.
by Asinus Asinum Fricat
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Welcome to Frugal Fridays. I am your guest diarist, blue jersey mom, sitting in for sarahnity who is on vacation this week. I am going to address a topic ...
by blue jersey mom
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I'm back from my Netroots Nation hiatus and as the summer draws to a close, I'm sure most of us are feeling like it's time to start tightening the old financial belt after some vacation excesses ...
by sarahnity
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In honor of the weeklong DKGreenRoots event, I am reposting a diary from last year with tips on how to save money and help the environment at the same time. I've tried to update it with some new ...
by sarahnity
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Rude question, huh? And who's going to say 'yes'? Maybe Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Maybe anyone with a net worth of $100 million or more. But who of the rest of us? Not a lot. But maybe a ...
by plf515
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Last week I decided to start cleaning out my bookmarks folder and dump all sorts of random links on you all at once. This process will probably take at least a couple more weeks, so, hold on to ...
by sarahnity
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First, thank you sarahnity for allowing me to guest host Frugal Fridays today! If you have ever read "The $64 Dollar ...
by kirbybruno
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I was watching the ABC special UN-BROKE: What You Need to Know about Money last week (which I thought was really good, incidentally) ...
by sarahnity
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