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For over 50 years, physicists have been trying to figure out how to make energy the same way the Sun does: by smashing small atoms together to make bigger ones, a process known as nuclear fusion. ...
by Keith Pickering
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Now that I've figured out how to check my KosMail, which isn't called KosMail but instead is called "Messages", I've received a request to stop with the fucking profanity. This request was heartfelt ...
by Fishgrease
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"A metallic case ...
by FishOutofWater
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New Scientist has a run down on recent developments in fusion - producing energy by squeezing atoms together - that suggests things are looking up ...
by xaxnar
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Yesterday's diary on the progress of the ITER fusion reactor, contrasted with America's ADD problem with anything big or long term, got a nice reception, and I promised more - so here it is. ...
by xaxnar
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Climate change is largely driven by one thing: human activities releasing heat-trapping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, directly and indirectly. Directly, from burning carbon-based ...
by xaxnar
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Thought maybe people want to read something besides politics for a change. This is REALLY sounding like a breakthrough. They have been building up to this point for about 13 years now.
by thestupiditburns
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When most people think about the as yet unrealized promise of thermonuclear fusion as a limitless energy source, they tend to think about Big Science, in the form of giant lasers blasting tiny ...
by Keith Pickering
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Dr. [Robert Bussard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Bussard], one of the founders of the Department of Energy's fusion ...
by Doctor RJ
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Eric Lerner's new Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) device, Focus Fusion 1, was test fired for its first "shots" on October 15th, and achieved "pinch" -- a dense plasmoid vortex -- on just its second test ...
by Keith Pickering
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In 2006, legendary scientist Dr Robert Bussard Gave a speech entitled "...
by oznick
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The running joke is that we are always 20 years away from viable commercial fusion power, and there is quite a bit of truth to that. The estimates have always been saying so since the 60s. But trust ...
by matate99
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by Mark Sumner
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Nuclear fusion is often proffered as the final solution to our energy needs. That well may be, but hardly anyone understands what it means, and almost no one, outside of physicists, knows how it ...
by Translator
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Fusion is a simple and elegant idea. You smash 2 atoms together, they fuse into a single atom releasing energy (the resulting mass will be a bit less than the total mass of the 2 atoms before fusion).
by Roger Fox
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Back in 2006 former Assistant Director of the Atomic Energy Commission, spoke about Polywell Fusion at a Google tech talk. The Google video created a lot of buzz, about the little WB6 reactor, its 5 ...
by Roger Fox
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1978 Proposal for fusion energy funding vs. actual Last weekend, I bumped into Senator Markey at a charity event. I asked him a question about Hydrogen Fusion research funding at MIT, which ...
by Frank Paine
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by Anima
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The first installment of this series described the four main components of the energy/global warming crisis: increasing demand ...
by xaxnar
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Crossposted at Politicook.net This diary was inspired by NNadir's diary earlier today on Dailykos.com and some of the comments associated with it. ...
by Translator
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