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Steve Benen provides an update on an issue discussed last week on the Rachel Maddow Show. Civil rights groups sue over Ga. voter backlog Georgia may be considered a reliably “red” state in the ...
by gaardvark
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Shooter had a bigger gun... these gun toters under new law depended on 100 cops or more.. The law is useless Well it did not take long for the new Ga gun laws to bite them. Now I know ...
by Vetwife
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Congratulations to the Democratic Party of Georgia for booking Rep. John Lewis GA-05 to speak at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.
by jayskew
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Are you surprised? I'm not. Breaking from CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/06/justice/georgia-courthouse-shooting/index.html?hpt=hp_t1 Man tries to open carriy Assault rifle into courthouse in ...
by Vetwife
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I am so angry and even though happy in my location now, it is not in our name due to this theft and maybe this lease purchase will be in our name as soon as we crawl out from this mountain of ...
by Vetwife
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Sara R and several others of us are trying to help Rachel. racheltracks is one of the most generous people on this site and in such dire need. Thank you Sara for giving me the opportunity to try ...
by Vetwife
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At the time of this writing, there is a diary up on Daily Kos which purports to ...
by ZhenRen
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by Kaili Joy Gray
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Currently there is a vigil being held outside the prison ...
by Hunter
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lawyerly demands The following communication is largely self-explanatory, but worthy of commentary, none the less. I'm even tempted to say, "I told you so." This is, however, another one of ...
by hannah
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The people on the Gulf Coast of Florida are sick. They are very sick. Why we believed the oil was disappearing, I don't know. For this ...
by Vetwife
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Just as President Obama removed Bush-era Federal funding restrictions on stem cell research, the State of Georgia is moving to restrict the same research and drive in a wedge provision that would ...
by EyeOfSouthGwinnett
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First of all this is pretty personal and I don't want it to seem like a pity party. I have not been on here because of some very very serious problems. I mean things that may not happen in decades ...
by Vetwife
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Recently, a SUSA poll in GA showed McCain at 52% and Obama at 44%. In a matter of weeks Obama was able to jump 8 points! Now I can confirm that this poll is not a fluke.
by EdwardsAvenger
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Did you know I am dangerous? Well, I am. I am so dangerous that the Georgia Legislature must reign me in from my regularly appointed rounds of evil. ...
by aphra behn
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by VolvoDrivingLiberal
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For previous diaries in this series, ...
by plf515
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Let's start with the good, the latest pictures by James R. Holland from the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge on the northern end of McIntosh County. The Gang's all here:
by hannah
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The other day, I wrote about my early experiences of #OccupyBoston and the potentially ...
by UnaSpenser
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Like her classmates in Itawamba County School District in rural Mississippi, Constance McMillen looked forward to senior prom all year. Like her classmates, she was excited when she found a ...
by Jared Polis
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