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"Atlas Shrugged" is based on the incredibly Liberal notion that ideas have value. As a matter of fact, Galt's ideas to make money are worth more than mere human life. He and his merry band are ...
by nolagrl
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Galtian fantasy.
by kos
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David Siegel, head of Westgate Resorts and one of the subjects of the documentary "Queen of Versailles" about the quest of him and his third wife to build a 90,000 square foot home (because their 26,...
by whittx
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Few of us sane people can really imagine what goes on inside the heads of wingnuts. As someone who spends some time tracking the wingnut web, I've struggled to help edify my fellow Kossacks as best ...
by The Red Pen
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A parable of Republican beliefs found in the back yard.
by taodog
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Picking on bloggers is un-Acceptable, but picking on and publically showing up a blogger, a disabled and wheelchair supported citizen as well, well, that is as low as it gets, and Billionaire ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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You’ve heard about all how all the productive people are “going Galt” or wishing they were? How our economy will soon be grinding to a halt because us Galtsters have gone off that ...
by Twistyman
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Merck announced this morning that it is acquiring Schering Plough for $41 billion, in a continuing effort among pharmaceutical manufacturers to look outside their industry for business models, and ...
by Minerva
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As the freedom-seekers are so desperately trying to free themselves from our horrible Government, from taxes, and above all from government imposed healthcare, I have created a petition on WhiteHouse.
by DefendOurConstitution
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CA-17, no problem Safe District,,, but ... You gotta see this "Artemis Unleashed" insanity for yourselves. This ...
by olo
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