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Yesterday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) spoke yesterday at an incredible event featuring members of the Church Committee. WaPo reported : A senior U.S. senator on ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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by poopdogcomedy
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When I says Democratic, I mean as in a Democratic political partisan, prepared to fight the political battles for his Party. I have ...
by Big Tent Democrat
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In the wake of Jeb Bush's whiplash-producing reversal last week, the U.S. media is engaged in a feeding frenzy over who would have supported the Iraq war " knowing what we know now ." ...
by Jon Perr
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the expression "made man" may be relevant given the criminal associations of Cindy McCain's father discussed in ...
by teacherken
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by Doctor RJ
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Gary Hart knows a thing or two about the realities of the rough-and-tumble world of politics. He's survived the "monkey business" scandal of the 1988 race for the Democratic presidential nomination ...
by davidkc
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Rudolph Giuliani found a new depth of shamefulness this week. He decided to follow the Bush-Rove-Cheney playbook of attacking Democrats as weak on terror, based on...absolutely NOTHING. No ...
by chumley
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On Tuesday, the National Security Archive released a trove of 120 previously secret documents concerning the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. With revelations about the CIA's budget ...
by Jon Perr
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( mostly a repost from 2008 ) Well, today's my birthday. But this diary? It's ...
by BruinKid
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21 years age, after having dropped out of law school & gone into debt to be a full time organizer/staffer for him three years before, my candidate Gary Hart was exposed by the Miami Herald & ...
by howardpark
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I've done this topic before a while back, but I thought it ...
by Doctor RJ
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That former Bush speechwriter and current torture enthusiast Mark Thiessen would accuse President ...
by Jon Perr
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A little less than three years ago my eldest son came bounding into the house to talk to me and his step-dad about joining the Army or Marines. His friends were joining and he wanted to, too. I ...
by Clytemnestra
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by Frederick Clarkson
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"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees," President George W. Bush protested on ...
by Jon Perr
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In a Huffington Post blog entry titled "J'Accuse", Gary Hart says just what the Democrats should all be saying about 9/11 and the Bush Administration. This is about as direct and no holds barred a ...
by glaser
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This is being simul-posted at the exact same time on SquareState.net and DailyKos, because all politics is local and all local politics are national, and nowhere was that as readily on display as at ...
by TakeBackTheHouse
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( mostly a repost from 2010 ) Well, today's my birthday. ...
by BruinKid
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A conservative blogger I know started a meme examining the milestones of her life in relation to the presidential ...
by desmoinesdem
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