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O n a night that I spent earlier, weeping for joy at the thought of seeing and experiencing something I never imagined possible, a black man as President of the United States of ...
by Visualarts101
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"(H)ow many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?” -- Mn State Rep.
by TwoPuttTommy
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I am the last person I ever thought would be writing on this issue. I served in the Army with gays and lesbians while I was in the military. I never saw any conduct by any active duty personnel that ...
by testvet6778
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There's a civil rights struggle going on right now. There are serious efforts to pass a bill to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell and to implement employment nondiscrimination for GLBT people. This is ...
by indiemcemopants
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Actually, the headline at Afrik.com , an aggregator of news from Africa, reads President plans to kill off every ...
by another American
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I think this is important. It matters when the President of the United States speaks. Today, at a Prayer Breakfast apparently sponsored by the right wing "Christian" group, The Family, President ...
by TomP
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by lowkell
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by wclathe
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So, for the last six years, we have poured out in Iraq our national treasure, including the tax dollars of gay men and women, their families, and their friends for what? It would seem that we have ...
by DCDemocrat
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UPDATE: Thank you to all who have offered me your love and support. It means a great deal. I wasn't sure how this might be received, but my fears were groundless. You are all wonderful ...
by Steven D
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Before being against the Repeal of DADT, Senator John "I picked Sarah Palin because I was misled" McCain was supporting the Repeal of DADT. First, he said, during the 2008 campaign, that he would ...
by LaurenMonica
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Cross posted at the front page of My Left Wing . Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Peter Pace is entitled to his opinions regarding ...
by Jeff Huber
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by WhyWhat
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THE WEEK IN EDITORIAL CARTOONS This [weekly diary http://www.docudharma.com/diary/19439/the-week-in-editorial-cartoons-al-gore-vs-the-denialists] takes a look at the ...
by JekyllnHyde
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by mrsdbrown1
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Now this is breaking news, The worlds largest democracy India in todays historic judgement decriminalised Homosexuality... Article 377 which treated homosexuality as an criminal offence and ...
by DEMindia
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Original post at TexasKaos.com Wow! Texas just ...
by krazypuppy
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THE WEEK IN EDITORIAL CARTOONS This [weekly diary http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/5/25/868486/-Final-Update-#16:-The-Week-in-Editorial-CartoonsBPs-Brilliant-PR-...
by JekyllnHyde
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Hahahahahahaha!!! Because of the backlash over the statements that it was a "Christian establishment" and wouldn't serve gays, Memories Pizza is closing "until things cool down". Hopefully, that ...
by gustynpip
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THE WEEK IN EDITORIAL CARTOONS This [weekly diary http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/1/25/828542/-The-Week-in-Editorial-CartoonsIn-Corporations-We-Trust] takes a ...
by JekyllnHyde
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