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For the second time in four days, another powerful piece of journalistic analysis from Binyamin Appelbaum provides us with the lead story in the latest edition of the New York Times: “[http://www....
by bobswern
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The latest analysis appearing in the MSM, over the past 48 hours, regarding our country's just-announced Q2 2010 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) metrics indicates that initial estimates of 2.4% growth--...
by bobswern
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by New Deal democrat
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This morning, I'm going to incorporate two pieces from today's NY Times into one post, since, as you'll see, they're essentially about the same topic: Bob Herbert's op-ed column, "[http://www.nytimes.
by bobswern
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Highly-respected economic pundit Bill McBride, the Publisher of [http://www.calculatedriskblog.com Calculated Risk], served up a triple-whammy of inconvenient realities over at his blog on Saturday. ...
by bobswern
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[http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/07/17/de-facto-double-dips/ Paul Krugman], [http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/roubini27/English Nouriel Roubini] and [http://www.calculatedriskblog....
by bobswern
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Tonight, I come to you with some unsolicited (IMHO, critical) advice: For multiple reasons, which I get into briefly, below, and for the sake of the success of the Democratic Party this year, please ...
by bobswern
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On Thursday, John Boehner and the House Republican leadership team unveiled their "
by Jon Perr
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Krugman rarely disappoints, and his op-ed in Friday’s NY Times, “[http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/03/opinion/03krugman.html The Mistake of 2010],” is no exception. In it we learn that–at a ...
by bobswern
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As the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators House Minority Leader Eric Cantor called "mobs" ...
by Jon Perr
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For months, Mitt Romney and his Republican allies have been falsely claiming that President Obama "made the economy worse." This week, Romney preposterously declared Obama "knowingly slowed down ...
by Jon Perr
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IMHO, as the travesties relating to what's occurring, less and less behind-the-scenes (primarily due to efforts in the blogosphere), within our economy mount, the asleep-at-the-wheel MSM's ...
by bobswern
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At least that's what a writer at Alternet thinks, among others ... The tax that could save America from Wall Street The financial transaction tax is simple, fair, widely supported by the public ...
by jamess
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We all know Bill McKibben---one of the shining lights of the national (and international) environmental community, who's been educating us about climate change longer than most any journalist. His ...
by barath
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Incredibly enough, pledging to reverse more than six decades of continuous U.S. government policy on moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, while standing in Jerusalem, ...
by leevank
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The next time your Republican uncle tells you that increasing taxes is bad for the economy, be sure to tell him that's he's right. And that he's wrong. It all depends on whose taxes ...
by Keith Pickering
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The advanced estimate of 4th Quarter 2009 GDP has just been released, indicating that the economy grew at a rate of 5.7% in the last three months of last year. While 3.4%of that was related to the ...
by New Deal democrat
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Republicans and their media water-carriers are apoplectic about Friday's report showing the unemployment rate dipped to 7.8 percent in September as the U.S. economy added 114,000 new jobs. But ...
by Jon Perr
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This story was filed over at the AP at 4:29PM, and then linked from the front page of the NY Times online edition less than a half-hour ago: "[http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2010/01/31/business/AP-...
by bobswern
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"Welcome to the ...
by hungeski
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