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A paper published last week reported some fascinating news about humanity’s deep origins. A primer: We all know about the Y chromosome and the X chromosome. Women carry two Xs. Men have an X and ...
by terrypinder
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by Susan Grigsby
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\*Deep breath\* ... I'm probably going to delete this diary in a couple of days, because some of the information that follows is not just personal, but potentially identifying (less by other users,
by pico
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In my first GFHC post last week, I explained how I found out only this year that my ancestry (which I thought to be 75% Irish Catholic and 25% Eastern European), also includes a long line of New ...
by fenway49
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How many total ancestors do you have? Genealogists identify ancestors by following paper trails preserved in archives—traditional and digital. Although the goals of genealogists vary, a large ...
by Ruby JM
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Remember the 2010 Census? Remember the minor hullabaloo over it's intrusive questions? Remember Michele Bachmann's umbrage at the the nit picky and personal info that the Census gatherers were ...
by Keith930
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I was inspired to write this when I read yesterday’s diary, KKK begins recruitment drive in Missouri . That diary recounts recent events in Lexington, in central Missouri. I could summarize those ...
by leftist vegetarian patriot
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I have a somewhat unusual last name. Or at least I used to think so. I was born in Ohio, moved as a 6 year old to California, and throughout my years I never encountered another person with the ...
by Keith930
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My brother Reid is disabled. He has been living with me until we get him well enough so that he can move into his place 80 steps away from mine. Last night he went into Diabetic crisis when he blood ...
by michelewln
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This is my first post for the GFHC, which I just came across recently. I was prompted to join because of all the fascinating tales other members of the community have posted, and because this year I ...
by fenway49
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This is the fourth and final (for now) installment about my great-grandmother Eva (first three are here , here and here) . She left a ...
by fenway49
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It is an anachronism. It belongs to the era before computers. It is a fountain pen made by Parker. The body is gray-green with a silver top and a clip in a faded gold tone. If you look on the base ...
by michelewln
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This is really a response to a comment in a very recent Genealogy & Family History Community diary, Books So Bad They're Good: Defenders of the Bell Curve , by Ellid . Specifically, it is my ...
by Zwenkau
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A while ago, I wrote a diary about Henderson Judd of Moore and Chatham Co, NC. He lived on the former border between the two counties along the Cape Fear River. Henderson Judd was a slave owner. ...
by edwardssl
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My great-grandfather emigrated from Hanover, Germany in 1859 on his 19th birthday at the behest of his parents to avoid being conscripted by the Prussian Army. He made his way by himself via Ellis ...
by dewtx
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While putting together a photo-book of our girls growing up – something for their families for Christmas this year – I want to include something of a family tree, at least a pedigree. I wound up ...
by qua
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Since learning about my ancestry dating back to New England colonial days, I’ve come across a large number of interesting characters in my family tree. Some are noteworthy for admirable reasons, ...
by fenway49
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As my mother approaches her 101st birthday, her mind is on fire with long-ago memories. Today, she told me the story of her grandmother, Sarah Plotkin Weintraub, who, in the early 20th century, was ...
by gloriasb
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I was sitting at my computer a few years ago, digging through family stories, wondering where to start, what to focus on when it came to researching my US family history. The temptation was to start ...
by Nanette K
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One of the most frustrating things I run into while researching my family history is finding existing pedigrees and compilations containing no source information. While the information may very ...
by edwardssl
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