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Sponsor contact is working. The StopRush Project has announced that over 2,200 sponsors have pulled ads from Limbaugh's show, via documented messages/statements. Many other sponsors have left ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Inspired by JohnKWilson's "Rush's 53 Smears Against Sandra Fluke" diary , I went to the video tape and compiled seven minutes worth of Rush Limbaugh's disgusting attacks on Sandra Fluke on Wednesday,
by Jed Lewison
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Great news out of Texas: Georgetown is about to become the first city in the state to be powered 100 percent ...
by FaithGardner
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A friend shares some truth from South Carolina in regards to health care. This is in response to this ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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It's great that advertisers are dropping Limbaugh and so are radio stations. Like a lot of people, I'm enjoying the possibility that this could be a serious blow to his reach and power to affect the ...
by drst
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Cross-posted from Bold Faith Type By John Gehring Rep. Paul Ryan'€™s Catholic problem isn'€™t going away. In a pointed letter today, nearly 90 Georgetown University faculty have called him ...
by nsementelli
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Yesterday following sharp criticism by the Catholic Bishops and Georgetown University of his budget priorities, the GOP's economic darling Paul Ryan spoke openly to Georgetown to "explain" himself. ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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My in-depth look at Georgetown's relationship between business and industry in Georgetown, S.C. For more of the negativity towards steelworkers, please ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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I am pretty ticked off today after reading this . If Sheheen loses three weeks and three ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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My father was interviewed recently by CNN in regards to Bain Capital. The video of it has been posted on various conservative sites. I thought I'd share it here to show the fact that not only does ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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Union. When you hear or see the word these days, some young people tend to think of greedy workers who want to hold companies hostage, demanding lucrative contracts. Imagine that. Do you wonder ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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Forget Harvard, although the Dudley Gates do beckon. So much for Yale, despite the allure of the Henry Luce International Center. No, for my money, I would send a freshman son next fall to the ...
by jimluce
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Did you know that from the sixties through the nineties, clergy and faculty at Notre Dame, Georgetown, and other Catholic-affiliated universities lobbied for coverage of birth control? And argued ...
by RH Reality Check
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Why do you think South Carolina Republicans have a cozy lifestyle in South Carolina? It's probably hard to believe, but the infighting state democrats participate in provides the GOP lots of luxury.
by Jamie Sanderson
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My father, James E. Sanderson Jr., has penned an excellent op-ed on the Boeing/NLRB saga in South Carolina. He's president of the USW Local 7898 in Georgetown, S.C. Please share, recommend as much ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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Rush Limbaugh's insults against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke have sparked a national controversy. Today (Wednesday), I'll be discussing Limbaugh (and my book about him ) on Al Sharpton's ...
by JohnKWilson
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I could say I told you so. Mentioning the Georgetown Port Task Force chair as a "local Republican" should have given it away.
by Jamie Sanderson
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And now the Christofascists of the Religious Reich are having a hissy fit, LOL. It's about time that Democrats start showing some backbone and stand up to Christofascists who try to keep shoving ...
by changechangechange
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Friends, I've been peppering stories about the making of our film "Dean and Me," around here for years. We chose "Dean and Me" as the working title ...
by deantv
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I was born in this town. I went to public schools and was graduated by The University of South Carolina. I decided to give back to my hometown. My talents, what I have learned and experienced in ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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