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American "Family" Association's mailer (
by Scott Wooledge
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No, I'm not exaggerating. As reported by Towleroad , a Cleveland radio personality--Dominic Dieter of WMMS 100.7's show Rover's Morning Glory --told the father of a possibly lesbian girl to have his ...
by Chrislove
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James Beard Foundation President, Susan Ungaro Nice. Susan Ungaro was scheduled to receive an honorary award from the Boy Scouts of America. Ungaro is occasionally featured as a judge on Bravo's ...
by Scott Wooledge
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Apologies in advance if I get this wrong - this is my first diary, although I've been a dkos lurker for years. Two radio jocks on KRXQ, a Sacramento, CA, station engaged in a remarkable dialogue ...
by ereshkigal
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Rachel LaBruyere @raylab truth. RT @GabiMGarcia: If you've been shunned by Muppets, that's irrefutable proof that you're a horrible person. It's over. Chick-Fil-A has officially lost. The Muppets ...
by jpmassar
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As Chrislove diaried in November, in an appearance on CNN, Dan Savage ...
by psychodrew
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by Scott Wooledge
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The scariest ...
by Scott Wooledge
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The United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll has found that the majority of Americans are in favor of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act even if it includes protections ...
by rserven
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I don’t know how we missed this, but we seem to have. I searched this site three different ways to find a diary detailing this and found nothing. So, how about we celebrate and congratulate ...
by Celtic Merlin
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Scott Wooledge originally reported the story here: James Beard Foundation president Susan Ungaro returns Boy Scout Award , in the context of Susan Ungaro rejecting an award because of the outrage ...
by jpmassar
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Riley Stavros and Zane Park ...
by Scott Wooledge
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GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has studied 102 episodes and non-recurring story lines scripted for television over that past 10 years that contained transgender characters . ...
by rserven
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GLAAD ( The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ) has been in the news a couple of times lately. First off, they have chosen a new president , Herndon Graddick . Previous to his selection ...
by rserven
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by Scott Wooledge
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Um: Blacks who have left the Obama Plantation: Booker, Ford, Davis, Powell, West. Plus Rendell. Getting real ugly out there. — Bryan Fischer (@BryanJFischer) May 22, 2012 That would be Bryan ...
by Scottie Thomaston
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GLAAD has released this year's National ...
by rserven
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I will delete diary if this has already been posted. Call on Clear Channel Communications to Sanction Syndicated Radio Host Jim Quinn for Defamatory Comments; "Gay Sex Produces AIDS" ...
by Barbara H
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Throughtout this election I've heard it over and over again. The most important thing is to get Obama elected and to work for a democratic majority in the legislature. Civil equality for GLBT people ...
by LaKathie
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by AZnomad
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