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Despite concerted attempts by the Media and its "factcheckers" to dismiss the Bain story, Mitt Romney has blown it so badly that it is now the Media issue of the campaign. While Romney is clearly ...
by Armando
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The ad in question - Released yesterday, August 2nd - In 24 hours the ad has been viewed 103, 438 times on Youtube, which means it's getting passed around a bit. This is important. I know ...
by Jacoby Jonze
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If you, like me, were wondering whether the Romney/Bain story was getting play outside the left-hand side of the media spectrum, you might have gone over to CNN yesterday and read an article by John ...
by MarkC
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So, as the story goes, "senior Republicans" are saying that the Ryan ...
by Benintn
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Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post , will from time to time fact check claims made by politicians for the truthfulness. In his fact checking, he uses a rating scale for untruthfulness or ...
by night cat
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Iowa Republican Senate nominee Joni Ernst is a right-wing extremist . And as the Cedar Rapids newspaper The Gazette ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Sadly, this is not in the spirit of Christmas. I ...
by Hunter
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One of the funniest things—on a long and growing list of funny things—about Mitt Romney's refusal to release his tax returns is how the supposedly neutral "fact-checkers" are bending over ...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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A major story in the Washington Post today begins with the following claim:
by elishastephens
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Over at the Washington Post, Glenn ( "The Fact Checker" ) Kessler continues his crusade for truthiness. Today Glenn is desperately splitting hairs looking for a way to ding Obama for pointing out ...
by bernardpliers
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House Government Oversight Committee Chairman ...
by Jed Lewison
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NOTE: I posted this at ACASignups a few days ago, but given today's front page story about the New England Journal of Medicine 6-month checkup, I'm reposting here as well: Cross-posted at ACA ...
by Brainwrap
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Yesterday, when I heard Darrel Issa say that there's a difference between an "Act of Terror" and a "Terrorist Act" I chuckled to myself, thinking, What bullshit, but not unexpected from the Senate's ...
by Upper West
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Washington Post "fact checker" Glenn Kessler, noted water carrier for Republicans, is up to his old tricks. In today's column , he assigns Obama campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter one "pinocchio"
by litho
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A new round of outings of high-profile Republicans is occurring, and the most recent person caught up in this is none other than Secretary of State Condolezza Rice.
by Eternal Hope
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Operating under the bizarre belief that it somehow matters, Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post decided to “ fact check ” the following statement made by President Obama in yesterday’s press ...
by cjo30080
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Everyone erupts in baseless speculation WASHINGTON - The Washington Post 's diplomatic correspondent, Glenn Kessler, has reported facts in his new book, The Confidante: Condoleezza ...
by The Bilerico Project
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Yesterday, I argued that fact checkers who rate their rulings on a scale should incorporate the number and type of logical fallacies into their ratings . I also argued that the rating scales of fact ...
by Brash Equilibrium
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Fact checkers perform a vital public service. The truth, however, is contentious. So fact checkers take criticism from all sides. Sometimes, they deserve it. For example, Greg Marx wrote in the ...
by Brash Equilibrium
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I can see where Glenn Kessler is coming from in his fact-checker column . At least when it comes to the President - who prefers misdirection to Governor Romney's favored tactic of repeated, overt, ...
by ConfusedSkyes
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