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The Washington Post lead editorial Friday strongly rebukes the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of ...
by A Siegel
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When questioning media elite about how they give strong voice to anti-science global warming denialism , one of my (and others') favorite analogies has been with those who believe the moon ...
by A Siegel
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With 1998 either being the hottest or one of the hottest (dependent on which temperature record set one works with) years in recorded history, a constant refrain has been "there has been no warming ...
by A Siegel
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Washington Post group writer George Will stands out in multiple ways.  In terms of his writing, two arenas seem to rouse his greatest passion: baseball and global warming science denial. These two ...
by A Siegel
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Bill McKibben 's LATimes OPED today makes a searing, and truthful, analogy. The title gives it ...
by A Siegel
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In South Carolina, the "Democratic Party" candidate is Bob Conley, who must be mentioned was recently a Republican,
by A Siegel
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An epidemic is breaking out across the United States. And epidemic whose manifestation, now, are screaming masses threatening the very underpinnings of American democracy. As ...
by A Siegel
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A major challenge exists: it is far easier to dispense truthiness (and outright deceit)than it is ...
by A Siegel
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" Alaska: The Last Frontier " is so eerily echoing of The Final ...
by A Siegel
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Despite being called the epicenter of the liberal media by the right, the New York Times continues to play the False Equivalency game. I [commented http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/10/28/914397/-...
by Upper West
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h/t Talking Points Memo Empty-eyed ...
by Fed up Fed
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More or less by coincidence, I've found myself arguing with human-driven global warming deniers in several venues recently. With ...
by Vorkosigan
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America faces big transportation challenges, with congestion, pollution and the high cost of gas threatening American drivers and our environment. At a time when Americans have been looking for ...
by EnvironmentAmerica
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"The Donald" is going to headline at the Republican National Convention (RNC) .   The widespread RUMINT is that Trump will gleefully,
by A Siegel
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Global Warming Denial has been added to the Thou Shalt Not List: Deut. 5:12b: Honor thy beautiful and fragile planet, that drought unending and famine afflicting thine cows and thine ...
by vets74
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There's scarcely a point on which the new Republican majority in Congress isn't out of step with reality both with the American people and with the facts. Yet another example is their determination ...
by John B Des Moines
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Someplace attained a record cold temperature, so my favorite wingnut sent me a link to the story with a snark about “Global warming, huh?” This happens every time some spot on the globe ...
by Jackpine Radical
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What does it say about John McCain that he picked not only the least experienced Vice Presidential nominee in America's history, but someone he really doesn't know? Departing so far from any normal ...
by PaulLoeb
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This will be a very short diary -- just a brief intro and a couple of web.archive.org links. As many folks may recall, the Koch Brothers helped to fund a global temperature study (most likely ...
by caerbannog
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It simply amazes me that a major network like CNN carries such a juvenile such as Glenn Beck. In his most recent article on ...
by Hot2na
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