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We really need your help. As you may have seen in the newspapers, radio and the intertubes, much of the state of Georgia is underwater. People have lost their homes, cars and other precious ...
by cynic
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . Honestly, I'm starting to get a twitch in the corner of my eye and a weird little nervous tic has developed. Watching ...
by Eclectablog
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There have been a lot of diaries at Kos lately on the subject of guns, gun control, the Second Amendment, but always room for one more, right? I got the urge to write this one after looking at ...
by xaxnar
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I see that RMoney's vice presidential candidate, not satisfied with Willard's dismissal of the 47% of Americans he considers welfare recipients and not worthy of him worrying about since they will ...
by HeartlandLiberal
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I got yer Pledge to America right here : The conservative vision was on full display last week in ...
by MeMeMeMeMe
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I wrote a comment in bubbanomics excellent diary Wall St to Dems: Don't Vote or the Country ...
by FiredUpInCA
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There are days, kiddies, when I tire of politics and the heady whirl, and the thought of suffering through another fifteen pages of Kathryn Jean Lopez whining about young girls wearing makeup is ...
by Sarahproudandtall
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For a mere $2B. I'm sure Glenn's not going to put up the money himself. Like Mitt Romney, who couldn't be bothered to spend his own cash to be elected President, Glenn's funding will doubtless come ...
by blue aardvark
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Kossak small business owners, rejoice! There is an economic windfall coming your way, via an unlikely source: wingnuts. To explain, I'll have to do something unpleasant: refer you to Michelle Malkin.
by SantaFeMarie
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I've been doing nothing but serious discussion diaries and political activism diaries lately. I've just finished a work assignment; it's time for me to have some fun. I'm a bit late to the game ...
by Seneca Doane
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Dr. David McKalip, is a St. Petersburg neurosurgeon, president-elect of the Pinellas County Medical Association, a ...
by henry porter
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It's true. In one year's time the impossible will happen. Rush Limbaugh will simply disappear leading a wave ...
by Steven D
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Kathleen Parker wrote a column today arguing that Beck and Rush are merely entertainers. We know this is a fig leaf and they are much more. Her WaPo column tries to trivialize their impact while ...
by henry porter
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So, I'm out in Nashville, canvassing and making phone calls yesterday about healthcare reform, when a 30-something-ish man in a coral shirt walks up. "So, what is this? Are you for or against?" ...
by Benintn
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It fell into our laps. Or maybe it crawled into our laps since it originated so far below us, but this "going Galt" this is just too valuable to pass up. Briefly, untethered Republicans are vaguely ...
by A Southerner in Yankeeland
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Jonathan Alter at Newsweek has a piece that is up on MSNBC from the March 22 edition that essentially breaks it down into language that even most 5 year olds are able to understand. Put simply, ...
by HamptonRoadsProgressive
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Via TPM and Right Wing Watch :
by Murphoney
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The names of the individuals and the organization have been changed. The hilarity is all true. We belong to a biking club. Most of the people in the group are very laid-back, fun people. We're ...
by Tracker
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Over and over again I hear Repuglicans lamenting that we are becoming a socialist country, that we are removing people's incentive to work. They are panicked with fear that someone is going to get ...
by nuketeacher
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According to Think progress Rush Limbaugh is threatening (Or promising) to leave the country if health care reform passes.
by atlliberal
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